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Be crazy to live your twenties without a limit!


They will waste your time, they will reject you, they will laugh at you, they will quit on you, they will promise to support you and they won’t, they will try to bring you down... this is what you have to go through for success. This is why people respect successful people so much, because THIS is the price they had to pay, and they had the courage to pay it in full. And if you're not willing to go through this then you should just forget about success. So what’s the solution?


 You need to toughen up emotionally! Otherwise, be prepared to settle for mediocre, average and settle for a life that you keep wishing and hoping to want to live. Totally your call, I know this though, striving for success = total satisfaction, and high self-worth, plus an amazing life doing what you want where you want with whoever you want. The opposite of this is low self-esteem, high-stress levels, anxiety, depression confusion and so on.

Cheers up and work hard!

I often used to ask myself when I entered my twenty-two years back.I was in last year of my college and pressure of preparation was in high peak.What if I don’t get a good job during the campus, What if I get a job with low figure company (Mass Recruiter), Will I take it or not.There were so many questions in my first year of Twenty.






They were all waiting for the good results and why not they are our families and friends who want their child, friend and brother to do good in his life.

I was never a bright student( 9 pointer) in schools nor in College but I had always followed what I love and that’s why many people like me what I do in day to day life.

I am a System and Network Engineer by profession, marketer and blogger by choice and Story Teller by nature. I know these three things are totally opposite to each other and I also know why I’m following these three things.

I don’t want to restrict my early twenties in one domain and it shouldn’t be at any certain lever I guess.I do my Job sincerely with dedication and Passion, I write my blog whenever I get a chance and I do research work for my startup and never miss a chance to attend any networking events.

I am crazy to live my twenties without a limit.!!


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