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Kohli Brothers Lucknow - Best known for their refined taste in clothing, art and architecture.

Kohli brothers lucknow is one of best clothing store in lucknow for multibrand.this a combination of multi-brand outlets spread over Lucknow. Our main aim is to have a large number of premium brands under one roof.

Since India’s independence in the year 1947, Kohli brothers, Lucknow were renowned for their refined taste in clothing, art and architecture. Our exclusive stores in Lucknow celebrates this sensibility by bringing together a collection of premium brands in clothing and accessories as a treat for connoisseurs of fine clothing. Visit our stores for a great shopping experience.

Kohli brothers were started way back in 1932 in Rawalpindi and migrated to Lucknow, the city of Nawabs in the year of India’s independence in 1947. We run a combination of multi-brand outlets spread over Lucknow. Our main aim is to have a large number of premium brands under one roof. The basic idea behind our stores is that our customers are most valued and our important guest needs to be treated in that fashion.

When we talk about brands then Kohli brothers is having multiple brands with fresh and cool collections. French Connection (also branded as FCUK) is a UK-based global retailer and wholesales of fashion clothing, accessories and homeware. French Connection disperse its clothing and accessories through its own stores in the UK, US and Canada and through franchise and wholesale arrangements globally.

If you want to look different then grab FCUK tops and t-shirts which will definitely complement well with a pair of black French Connection jeans. Accessories are something that adds spice to one’s personality. They incline to become a person’s paramount attraction and also become his or her style statement. Some of us like to accessorize more often with handbag while few others like to dress up with jewellery and sunglasses. Few others love to decorate with bling and junks while others love to keep it simple. If you love accessories and want to complete your look with the best trendy additions, then buy French Connection watches and be trendy. Jackets are something without which you can’t do on days that are windy and cold. They do not just keep you safe in cold weather but also lift up your style elegantly. Add to your wardrobe exclusive collection of French Connection jackets.

Perfumes are the essential beauty elements that can’t be ignored simply and they also are the best gifts for anyone to cherish. Besides that what can be more pleasurable and delightful than a bottle of romantic and very sweet smelling perfume! Gift your beloved the best of FCUK perfumes and let her/him cherish the fragrance forever. Just a dash of it will keep you rejuvenated throughout the day and will also keep you reminded that someone somewhere loves you the most!

Wallets are not just essential but mandatory for our everyday life. They are our money bags that keep our cash and important papers stacked together safely. Give your cash and cards a safer and ultimate recovery with FCUK wallets. The range of FCUK wallets will keep update your accessory collection and will also add much gleam to your personality.

Talking about classics is incomplete without mentioning a pair of washed blue and black jeans. Jeans are not a just classic element of everyone’s wardrobes but are also the perfect and simplest of all casual clothing elements. They can be worn out with anything and yet are convenient to carry. Get the latest and coolest French Connection jeans at Kohli brothers and keep your casual everyday look quite refreshed and revived.

Are you worried about that after office party? Don’t be! With stylish French Connection dresses, you will have a complete range of chic, sassy and elegant outfits to choose for your nine-to-nine dilemma. Come to Kohli brothers to grab the cool and fresh French Connection (FCUK) collection.

Apart from this you can also visit Kohli brothers for the other exclusive brands available with happening and trendy collection.


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