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How I Hire Top-Tier Talent For My Company

The importance of getting quality employees.

"Success is when opportunity and preparation meet". This quote is often seen on motivational posters, and it is accurate even for a PT assistant. Demand for physical therapists is projected to jump by 34 per cent within the next decade, much faster than the average for all occupations. This increased demand is due to the varying lifestyle of today's aging population, which tend to lean more towards a more physically active lifestyle.

If you want to hire the cream of the crop from the next generation of rehab therapists, you should prepare for seriously steep competition. Read on further as we discuss four easy but effective ways to attract top professionals in the physical therapy industry.

Competitive Salary & Benefits

At its very core, physical therapy is a selfless career. You get into the therapy business because you enjoy helping and healing people — and that's the way it should be. But even if money isn't your main motivation, it's important to remember that to be competitive in the hiring market, a competitive salary  and benefits are the keys. Offering excellent compensation and benefits package including health insurance is an edge. In addition, benefits, such as paid vacations, flexible work hours, work-from-home days, new IT systems, team-building events, and a collaborative environment can all cultivate a stronger sense of workplace morale that translates to a higher employee retention rate.

Conducive Workplace

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and skillful execution and last but not least the availability of conducive working environment. Start by taking a really critical—honest—look at the way your clinic is operating. Is it organized and efficient or overstuffed and inactive? Do you need to Improve work efficiency in therapy clinic? Are your office and clinical equipments running consequently? I don't mean that you need to have the whole set of clinical equipment, my point is employing the right people for the right job; treating them as assets, instilling in them sense of belonging and then engaging them in the process of decision making. Employers are always encouraged to create a conducive working environment for their employees. It is worth the effort and investment.

Concrete Marketing

You offer competitive salaries and benefits and have a conducive workplace, what you need now is a real marketing. Don't just wait for top talent to come to you. Go find them! Hire a physical therapist who is a self-starter and gets the job done, not one that is too dependent on others. Choose a passionate physical assistant, preferably someone who is hungry for knowledge or in short, pin down your job description considering your clinic's culture and the traits of your ideal candidate. Then, begin talking with members of the rehabilitation community, work with local schools. PT marketing should be at the core of your practice's planning and business development, whether it's maintaining monthly campaigns, such as patient newsletters, blogging, emails, and social media. Why? The simplest and most cost-effective method for any organization to grow, particularly a brick-and-mortar clinic, is by word of mouth. You can increase word-of-mouth about your clinic with branding, marketing, and good public relations increasing brand awareness for potential talent and prospective patients.

Comprehensive Interviews

Filling the job position with the most suitable person takes time and effort, and there are certain qualities that make or break your business and the morale of your team. You can easily weed out many types of applicants during the interview process. Interviewing is very crucial. That's why asking the right questions are crucial — specifically ones created to reveal technical proficiency, innate prowess, problem solving abilities, and cultural fit. To save yourself time, make a list of questions that feel right to you—or have a look at some of the expert interviewing advice out there. Now that you've read up on how to hire top-tier talent, always remember the old saying - "Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?" It's so very true in any workplace, especially true in healthcare settings. Passion for patient care is vital to keeping your workforce inspired and functioning at optimal levels.


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