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It's just the beginning : Karan IFW Garg

Friday January 13, 2017,

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IFW's Story by me:

In 2004, along with college I was learning new softwares and technologies. At that time only the idea of starting on my own and becoming an entrepreneur stuck from some where. I am that unique breed of entrepreneurs who never joined any company as a full time employee and directly started into business from college days.

Like many startups, I started with 1 website and 1 employee in my garage room with my at my residence. Slowly and gradually things moved ahead and today we have 25 fulltime dedicated professional and 2000+ clients all over India. IFW has forayed into many different fields of IT like Digital Marketing etc. and now soon we will be coming all out in Mobile Apps Development too.

​Our Products & Services:

IFW Campus ERP : http://www.ifwcampuserp.com/

SchoolSAAS.com : http://www.schoolsaas.com/

CoachingSAAS.com : http://www.coachingsaas.com/

CollegeSAAS.com : http://collegesaas.com/

IFW Web Studio : http://www.ifwwebstudio.com/

My Message for Youngsters:

Become a change agent : Make products or provide services that can bring change into people's life for betterment. Use the power of technology to make life easy and keep of developing on it on everyday basis.

Never Stop Learning : In IT you are as good as your last update. You never know when someone in the world will come up with something new and change the course of things for all. So, you got to keep learning new things everyday, every hour, every minute.

Be Fast, Thing Big : Speed is something which is a key reason why companies or professionals in the developed world get so much of success so soon. In our region we get happy very soon with very little success. Think of scales at global levels, this is the need of the day from Indian Professional and Entrepreneurs.