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Real life hero - How a lady dedicates her life to animals!!


R to L - Manpreet (my friend), our Hero NEETA, Me

So it's been while, since I've been looking for a platform to share a moving story. The writer and narrator is me, but the protagonist, the leading lady of this story is Neeta. We look for inspiration, search it on Internet and books but somehow ignore the fact the we're surrounded by them.

I also happen to meet one such hero, Neeta. 6th of April, 2016, Me (Left) and My friend Manpreet were driving back from dinner and we saw a cat on the road bleeding profusely from her mouth. By the look of it, some car might have hit her. We decided to take her to dog clinic, it was 9 in the night & so the only clinic available at that time was 'Friendicoes' in Defence Colony. We reached the clinic, handed over the cat to doc there & they took it inside for doctoring. Meanwhile, me and my friend started interacting with people there. Many had bought their own pets and more so were there with street Dogs and Cats.

While, we waited there came a polite voice from the back, "Are you guys going to leave the Cat here only". When we looked back we saw this middle aged Lady, who looked frail. We said yes, we can't take her. Couple of reasons, One - We both have Dog at our place, Two - Our Parent won't allow us. She told us for Cat's health, it is not prescribable to leave it here, she might get more infected due to other sick animals kept there. Though we agreed but politely explained our situation. More than us she got really hysterical and worried for the cat. While discussing further, i asked her about, her dog's sickness. She told me, it got infected by Parvo (fatal viral disease of dogs). I must tell, even while we were talking about her dog and it's sickness, she kept on bringing in Cat's motif. Suddenly after a while she said, i'll keep it. It got us relieved also, more in so, that we were able to avoid guilt. After 15 - 20 Minutes the doc said we can take the cat back. So, she asked me if i can drop her to her home, which was only a Km. or two from there.

While going to her place to drop her, I was so intrigued by her compassion that i couldn't hold myself but pry a little more about her life. Now this where, the most amusing, graceful, empathetic part came. She told me she's single and she lives with 35 Dogs & 13 Cats. Here, I was taken a back by sheer number. Further, she's living with her ailing mother. It was quite natural of me to ask her, what does she do to earn a living. The answer came "NOTHING PROFESSIONALLY" and whatever poeple gives her, she uses that for to take care of her sweet animals. I was suddenly lost in my own thoughts about the struggle of that lady and we reached her house. A bit about her house too, her house was in one of the most la-di-da neighborhood but her own house was obscure. It was like one of the tales, where you're in a ship in an ocean but not a drop of potable water. I was getting so curious about every part of this stroy. She invited me to her house, as i was about to enter i was greeted by 6 -7 Dogs, out of fear I blandly said that i shall wait outside.

While going back to clinic, our conversation kick started again. After deliberating a bit, she told she's unmarried and she only looks after her dogs and cats & her old brittle mother 'Period'. My amazement was followed by further astonishment, after her each ending expression. To add to bewilderment, she told me her father died back in 1976 from there, it is she and her mother. Though not trying to be too calculative, having a house at such prime location even beckoned some land mafias who're trying to clutch that house (must be in some Crores). Not forget, she has an on going case for this.

We reached our destination, she had left me short of adjectives to what she was doing. She brings sick animals to that clinic on a wheel chair. And without asking for any rewards, such selflessness is left to live in shambles. I so wanted/want to do something for her cause, but giving her money there could have been sheer disrespect to her effort. While leaving i asked for a picture with her (Dont know why), she complaisantly agreed and we clicked a selfie.

I dont know, what i could have done, but here i would request people to come forward if not help show her/me what could possible be done for this great lady. Who just has dedicated her life to animals. How could we just channelize a steady stream of income so that she can keep on helping animals without a fear and major struggle not be money. Opening an NGO, or connecting her with an NGO, Please advise.

I have her no as well. You can contact me at 'Mrjasdeep@live.com'.

Jasdeep Singh :)


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