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From Society Campaigning to Flash Mobs, MakeUsFamous from Mumbai offers a one-stop solution for all offline marketing needs

Mobilizing the disorganized Offline Marketing Indsutry

India is ranked 3rd in terms of number of start-ups that has incorporated globally. Majority of the new start-ups are operating in B2C segment. The prime domains are e-commerce (at times hyper local), aggregator & consumer services. But, 40% of the start-ups which commenced operations after the year 2013 have already shut down their shops. Much of the rest of them are being dragged because only 17% of the start-ups have suffice funds to last another two years and when most of them are externally funded. 

After talking to several founders our team reached to a judgement that the placing and promoting of the product is a very sensitive strategy though it doesn't look like. Giving more importance to online marketing over conventional and innovative advertising campaigns costed some start-ups their dream. 

When we talk about offline marketing, we only think of leaflet distribution or placing hoarding, banners etc. of our brands. To revolutionize the way founders think about offline marketing Mad Wall Entertainment have launched a platform where they have solutions for all the offline marketing needs at one stop. Apart from conventional use of print media, Mad Wall also offers customized as per target market solution and brings innovations using technology and brainstorming. Working under the Brand name "Make Us Famous", they are trying to differentiate themselves by providing customized products in discussion with the clients. "We are not only taking care of the execution part, but we also brainstorm and put our best ideas backed with experience while designing the strategy" said Arijit Basu, CEO and Co-Founder of Mad Wall Entertainment.

Some of the activities done by Arijit and his intellectual team for branding are Society Campaigning, Road Shows, Flash Mobs, Mall Activation Events and Special theme based parties. They started earlier this year and already have 10 start-ups in their clientele bucket. "Apart from branding, our execution is always focused on generating sales for our clients because that is the ultimate agenda". said Task-Master Sankalp, COO and Co-Founder of Mad Wall.

Make Us Famous is a self funded venture and is looking for investment opportunity, well no doubt about the demand of the industry, however it would be difficult to scale on that level.


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