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How an Executive MBA course would enrich you professionally

It is always good to have additional skills at your workplace or peer group, and what’s better than having an Executive MBA degree?

It is always good to have additional skills at your workplace or peer group, and what’s better than having an Executive MBA degree? Yes, a one-year Executive MBA degree obviously would make a difference to your resume, and your job profile as well. Though, both regular MBA and Executive MBA programs in India are structured identically, the major difference is in the duration and kind of students they take in. An executive MBA degree is an advantage for the individual as well as the employer, and co-workers (in disguise). This is because a professional taking up this course applies his theoretical knowhow at his work place and can even transform the productivity of his team at large.

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Though, not all the companies sponsor their employees’ Executive MBA programs in India, as the financial crisis due to demonetization had taken toll on every business venture, they are still organizations who know the value they can reap from a management graduate with years of experience. For the company it’s a bonus to fund the student, as he can commit additional years to the company post the degree. So, here are the cons of sponsoring an Executive MBA professional -

• Employee retention

• Trained workforce with updated knowledge

• Uninterrupted productivity

• Confident employees

• Mentorship

These are like the tip of an iceberg, and the wholesome benefits are more than a page can hold.

It is a positive thing to have an MBA graduate in the organization, as they have more knowledge about how to manage work, team and most of all the clients. With an Executive MBA, the person becomes confident, positive and works with more focus to execute the tasks, may be to apply and see what he learnt at the B-school. This attitude would consequently affect the others in the team and the organization as a whole. A job alongside learning would bring more non-monetary motivation for the employee and encourage him to work at his best.

Updated business trends

An Executive MBA would at the end benefit your career to a great deal. A person accomplishes professional goals alongside earning a management degree. Since, the company may sponsor the course; the employee saves the money and devotes some more years to the company. More exposure means greater opportunity for professional growth in future. When the individual changes the organization, it creates a great impact with the future company (company financed degree means the employee was an asset to the company). Now-a-days Executive MBA programs in India also offer global exposure to their students, which again enhances the business acumen.

Shaping strategy

Strategizing is not an easy job and earning an Executive MBA degree would obviously impact your reasoning to take business critical decisions for the growth of the organization. The classroom sessions, assignments, case studies, market analysis, done as part of the curriculum would improve your real-time business prospect and agility to deal with business critical problems at work place.

Career development assistance

Executive MBA courses are not standalone, but they do include workshops to allow candidates recognize their strength, suitable career path and the competency level at which they can take up the course. Exposure to industry experts would certainly make a great change in their though process.

Developing strong leadership

An Executive MBA is few steps closer to enabling the employee develop mentorship skills. When an MBA graduate is in the team, it will bring more innovative ideas to increase the overall productivity, develop soft skills, bring in a strong team leader, skilled and efficient members influencing each other positively, workplace management issues can be taken as a case study and enable the person to resolve it smoothly in future.

Spreading the skills

An Executive MBA is not just to arm a person with the most up to date knowledge in the industry; it equips the professional with the latest tools, advanced business methodologies and analytical frameworks for performing better.