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How to get the best deal for flats in Chennai

How to get the best deal for flats in Chennai

Wednesday August 30, 2017,

3 min Read

There are often people seen trying their way out to get the best apartment deal. People look out for renting apartments and flats and seek the best deals which would give them the best properties at affordable rates and with good amenities to vouch for. However, getting the best deal isn’t an easy task. Many get hassles and almost pull their hair out in despair trying to find flats. As such, there are few things to keep in mind while looking for the best deals for flats in the beautiful locality of Undri:

• Look for New Constructions: The freshly constructed apartments and flats give higher price breaks which aren’t found in old properties. This is because a new residential flat complex looks for filling up the flats quickly and as such the owners are open to negotiating the monthly rent and price


• Look for an Apartment Locator: To get the best deals, one should look for an apartment or a flat locator. These agents are well aware of all the good deals in the market and can direct the prospective client to the best deal flat. The flat locators are well aware of the price decreases, the efficient rent specials and other additional deals provided by the owners.

• Always be Flexible: It is advisable not to fix oneself with a single priority. If a person wants a two bedroom flat in Undri, he/she shouldn’t only look for that but should be flexible enough to adjust to what is available in the market. The person can adjust with a single bedroom flat now since the required flat type is unavailable.

• Broaden the Flat Search: One shouldn’t also stick to a single area or neighbourhood. If any apartment or flat isn’t available in that area, then exploring other neighbourhoods in Undri is the best thing to do.

• Enquire About Incentives: Incentives like discounts on the rent and price are often provided by owners if the tenants look forward to signing a 12 month period of lease agreement instead of a six month period. A prospective tenant should enquire about such offers to avail in a desired flat apartment.

• Evaluate the Amenities: When a person looks for a good flat deal in Undri, it is essential to evaluate the amenities and facilities a flat owner provides before finalizing on the deal. This would go a long way to ensure the person gets the best flat deal and a comfortable living with good facilities.

• Always be Sensible: Many flat owners mention a number of offers and standard facilities to the tenants only to get disappointment later on after moving. Before finalizing the best deal, it is essential the tenant does a thorough research and evaluate all the options. One can ask previous renters to give reviews and feedback about the owner and the flats. This helps the tenants a lot to invest in the best deal for flats and apartments in Undri.