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Top 10 reasons to choose unity 3D for your next game development project

In this article, I will  explain top reasons why one should choose Unity game development for their gaming apps.

Most gaming app studios prefer unity 3D game developement as their best approach for game application development. It is evident with the number of gaming apps being churned out on a daily basis worldwide.

If one wants to get out an interactive game out that is enthralling and brilliant in itself, Unity 3D is an outstanding gaming platform that aids developers with mind-blowing features and gameplay options. Programming your gaming application becomes easier as the virtual worlds come popping out alive! Here are the top reasons why one should choose Unity game development for their gaming apps:

1. It’s free to use

Unity 3D includes a free version and also a Proform, with several features embedded in both installment choices. One can opt for the free form so that one can have major gaming feature highlights. Additionally, one can utilize the distinct focal points with the Proform once you develop games with high-end features like sound channel, feature playback, 3D composition booster etc. Unity permits all sorts of developers to make full version games without having to rev up costs of any sort.

2. It supports multiple platforms

Unity 3D supports iOS, Android, Macs, PCs, Steam, and even the consoles too. You can literally create several games for all platforms and design several stages of the games easily. With Unity, porting to the next stage is less difficult than the others. Regardless, you can put every stage’s interesting elements into the next one and make it more interesting than before.

3. Relying on the Supportive Community

The game development process is tricky, and one does need support from the community of developers who get it all sorted. With 2 million+ designers using Unity programming and increasing rapidly every day, the process hiccups are managed in more ways than one. One can share the affection and disappointments anytime with the team of developers and can resolve issues whenever one gets stuck with them. You can search for designers and testers too from the number of gatherings that unite Unity fans under one platform.

4. The Asset Store

The Unity Asset Store provides developers with all the requirements for creating your game without letting you get stuck while making characters, buildings, backdrops and so forth. The store also provides the opportunity for craftsmen, musical artists, or modelers to earn more money.

5. Scripting Languages

You can script for Unity 3D game development with the help of Javascript or C#, the scripting languages that are not very difficult to use.

6. Create 2D Games Easily

Unity 3D is known for 3D liveliness, but then it is also very effective in 2D game development for PCs, mobiles and even for gaming consoles. With Unity 4.3, an implicit 2D motor helps game developers to develop effective and efficient 2D games. One can easily do sprite activity, implement the physical science of a 2D world, and do much more.

7. Create Multiplayer Games

Some of the best multiplayer games are made on the Unity engine. The fact is that the platform provides versatile features that aid developers to create mind-boggling games for players all across the web. One can check out the coolest multiplayer games like the Solstice Arena that have earned a large following and popularity. The game development process is a monstrous under-taking and Unity gives the backing of a huge group to deliver popular multiplayer amusement as the developers provide it.

8. Online Tutorials

The best part about Unity is that there are lots of tutorials and training videos available on the web for anybody who is keen to learn. One can even get small and simple games done with training although it will soon prove to be simple for those who have been in the development industry since long.

9. The Unity Conference

Unite is an event for Unity 3D game developers which is held annually for all sorts of early adopters who discuss and converse about new and interesting things in the realm of Unity.

10. The Ease of Use

Although some might presume that Unity game development is incredibly difficult, one should understand that the platform is not complex in itself. It is easy to use without the help of a supervisor. The richness of ideas and gameplay can be realized easily after one is aware of the platform features.


Using Unity 3D for game development, most mobile game development companies admit that it is the best gaming development platform than anything else. The above 10 points reiterate the fact that Unity 3D is, in fact, the most effective and efficient platforms with a wide number of benefits being associated with the platform.


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