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Betting Turning into Startups

Indians don`t need motivation to show their cricket expertise in anyway .

In last few years constant voices has been raised to legalise betting in India .However, Illegal Betting still continues having business in crores .This clearly hints that if betting is legalised then it is going to give a big boost to the government revenues earned through tax .

However in a recent interview the BCCI Chief Anurag Thakur declined the idea of legalising betting in cricket in coming years .Inspite of it numerous websites on cricket betting are making big profit and a big market is on its way .Every year many startups are coming on this way with their creative ideas .

It is to be noted is that all these websites are following rules of Gambling because The Public Gambling Act(PGA) creates an important exception in favour of game of skills, by stating that the provisions of PGA shall not be held to apply to any ‘game of mere skill’ wherever played .

All these startups are taking advantage of this rule as they never ask to bet money on a team or player . Most of these ask to make a team of 11 players from both the teams playing which include fixed number of bowlers, batsmen and wicketkeeper .

Dream 11 which has its head office in Mumbai being the most popular of these having turnover of billions every year .

Cricket being the most popular sport in India having its reach in every house of India , Hence startups are looking forward to it for making big money of which Online Betting being the latest and its reach is going to increase many folds due to increase in internet connectivity towards many parts of country.In a country where most of the people are self proclaimed cricket analyst and they always look for chance to show their expertise in this sport , there is a big chance for these websites to cater to people`s need and multiply their business under the law .