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Decoding Baahubali Movie to understand the Right Way of Child Development

Education without Values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make a man a MORE CLEVER DEVIL”

A still from the movie Baahubali

Bhallaladev was as proficient and practiced as Baahubali. Witty, lionhearted and abreast with everything  kindred to their kingdom, the laws, war craftsmanship, education etc.

They both competed to inherit the coveted throne and performed equally exceptionally well in the same. But still only Baahubali could be trusted with it and hence was pronounced to be made the king. Where was the difference?

Well, the movie did show us the difference between the two learned men.

While Bhallaladev LACKED COMPASSION , Baahubali had it.

One wanted to RULE, the other wanted to SERVE.

One was JEALOUS, the other was SELF-ASSURED.

One WANTED resources to win, the other could CREATE them.

One desired POWER, the other wanted SERVICE.


Amidst the similar resources, surroundings, circumstances, lifestyle and exposure that they grew up in, the only thing that stood them apart as two starkly different beings was their inherent personality, their Value System. And we are very well aware of what that difference did to the entire narrative of the film.

As parents, teachers and educators, we all are ambitioned to make our children intelligent, very intelligent. When asked to any child or parent about what they wish the child to be as he/she grows up, the bracket of answer contains everything from doctor to singer, architect to engineer, teacher to entrepreneur. Never though for once have we ever heard anyone praying or craving a Great Human Being, just a great human being, that’s it.

Photo by Rene Bernal on Unsplash

We all appreciate tangible and measurable goals and certainly being a good human being isn’t something that can be measured the way being a doctor can be. Also we all tend to believe that developing someone to be good is a breezy thing to do and it somewhere happens automatically with time.

The impact, however, of losing out on setting the right value system is daunting.

An astute, keen but unethical mind is the most dreadful thing on earth, as was Bhallaladev. See how much havoc did that single person cause to the entire kingdom and his own family and beating whom was such a mammoth task. Growing children to be intelligent but lacking the right values is no less than creating monsters.

Imagine the world with all brains and no heart.

Imagine the impact of a supremely learned doctor who uses his position and power to promote illicit activities, be it prescribing wrong-overpriced medicines, or mincing money by taking advantage of the situation of people.

Imagine a smart & wealthy businessman with no compassion towards people or environment.

Imagine a powerful District Magistrate favoring  the wrong-doers for his personal benefits and better position.

Imagine a meritorious lawyer helping the guilty roam around scot-free.

Learned people have the access to the positions of power because of their knowledge, however what they do with that power is purely defined by their Value System.

As rightly put by the British Scholar and Novelist C.S. Lewis, “Education without Values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make a man a MORE CLEVER DEVIL”.

Value system is the most underrated segments in the child development. While all gravely realize the importance of it, it is not really in the frontline of focus areas. While running to bring to fruition the concrete outcomes, we keep pushing it to a later stage not realizing that our habits become rigid with time and changing them to something else is an arduous task.

A mediocre yet motivated mind will surely find it’s way through the happy-sad journey of life but what do we do with an extraordinary de-motivated mind?


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