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Fear of missing out

Fear of missing out is a dangerous thing, it can drive you insane.


Fear of missing out is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies.

They must be having fun, making memories, traveling places, meeting new, different people, experiencing freedom, breathing fresh air. The constant thought of what they would be doing right now kills you. It breaks you down. All you want to do is lie in bed and cry out loud and wish you never had to get up. As these thoughts tangle inside your head and spin a web of never ending sulking, while all of this is going on, while you are wasting so much of your time thinking about utter nonsense stuff, you reach to a tipping point, where there’s not more that your tiny little brain can handle, at that point you doze off. And trust me as I swear to God, that sleep would be the most beautiful thing that had happened to you since a long time.

And you wake up, then every-thing’s fine. Five minutes goes by and Boom!. You heard, read or came across something that reminds you of what you are missing on. The cycle repeats. And believe me as I swear to God again, it is the worst feeling in the world to be where you don’t want to be and not to be where you want to be.

Now, how to get over this situation. Analyze why are you in FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) state. Analyze if there’s anything you can do about it that would make this fear go away, analyze why is it that you are in that situation, who is responsible for that, is it you, your family, friends, colleagues, bosses, who the heck is that person who is sucking out happiness out of your life. Analyze who is that horrible person. Okay! Enough of the melodrama. Yes agreed there are people and places and things that are worth dying for. Yes, agreed there are road trips that we don’t want to miss, Yes, there are conversations that we want to be part of. Yes, there are places where we want to travel. Yes, there are people with whom we want to go places. Yes, there are a million things that we want to do in our lives that helps us grow, events that bring life changing experiences with them. Yes there are moments when we feel we are Infinite. And biggest yes of them all is that it really hurts when we miss out on such chances, while our friends, family, peer group ends up doing all the things that we really want to do.

And trust me, if you will, when all of that happens its natural to feel the FEAR OF MISSING OUT.It makes us more of human, it shows that we have aspirations, dreams, that we have a bucket list of things to do, that we have people with whom we want to make memories , that we have most importantly motive for our very own existence. So If you ever felt FOMO, be proud of yourself.

Now here’s the crazy part about it,this FOMO can drive you insane, make everything feel empty, productivity levels touching rock bottom. No one would want that! Would you? Nah, I don’t think so. However there’s another aspect to it, instead of sulking about ‘what would they be doing right now’, ‘Wish I was there too’, ‘they must be having real fun’. Instead of wasting your time on all this crap, channelize your thoughts, make a to do list, set goals, meet your targets, keep yourself engaged, you will realize, its the best feeling to meet goals, accomplish targets. Try doing that for me, will you? I can assure you, doing this did(doing) me wonders! It will to you too.

Try google FOMO, and you would come across stuff like depression, lack of happiness in your life, emptiness, void, and all those adjectives that will make you feel like a worthless pile of dump. Listen to me, If you would-

Its perfectly normal to Feel FOMO, FOMO of missing out on meeting good people, FOMO of missing out on life changing friendships, relationships. FOMO of missing out on getting that kiss, that you always wanted. FOMO of missing out on the trip that you always wanted to go to. All these fear makes us more human, more relatable, more lovable. Have that fear Inside you, for there is no good a deed than to be more human.

FOMO is the new POMO(Pleasure of Missing Out)