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Digital Marketing In Post Covid- 19 Era And Why Companies Need To Opt For It!

While hardly anyone knows how post-coronavirus situation will be for the marketers, one aspect is clear: In this environment with physical interaction to decrease for a long period, the digital marketing options are now more relevant than ever.

While hardly anyone knows how post-coronavirus situation will be for the marketers, one aspect is clear: In this environment with physical interaction to decrease for a long period, the digital marketing options are now more relevant than ever.

As is seen in the countries most affected by COVID 19, the online marketing options are playing a crucial role as increasingly people prefer to stay inside their houses. The cases are increasing, a complete block in social closeness has emerged, and as a result, Internet traffic is increasing.


In recent months, will you turn frustrated as you neglected your customers as well as mismanaged your communication? Or will you be confident that you have responded to market concerns appropriately?

Each department of a company has a role to play in this pandemic, but we can say that Digital Marketing is more important than ever.

Why is Digital Marketing more than ever a must-have?

If you think this coronavirus crisis is hopeless and will continue indefinitely for years or decades, then the principles outlined in this article will not apply to your business.

It seems to go without saying!

Not only have routines and life habits of people changed, but their dependency over the Internet and on social networks has also increased to a great level.

·       The consumption of live news is what has increased the most, by 43%.

·       Texting, chatting and using instant messaging has increased 34%

·       Video content and the use of social media have increased by 33%.

·       Online shopping in supermarkets has increased by 23% during this period.

Using this trend, the companies have the opportunity to gain the trust of your customers online and show that they are easily approachable via online media. For creating a perfect client base there, it is of utmost importance.

Post-COVID 19 Steps in Business for You Now

Undoubtedly, companies have had to move faster or take a giant step towards digital. The scenario we are facing leaves no other alternative: to greatly enhance e-commerce. Those that had digital platforms have started with a great advantage. Others have been forced to change, to adapt to online consumption and their products, to demand.

In fact, the confinement and the obligation to close the blind pushed many medium and small companies to improvise a digital marketing model. For example, producers in the primary sector, such as wine or vegetables, had no choice but to sell their product through their social media profiles or through buy/sell platforms and applications.

So, the companies that have been investing and promoting this commercialization path for some time will not be so badly affected by this obligatory break.

This is so because, for years, it has made a special effort to generate an optimal shopping experience, for example, through the app. A similar case also occurs with mobile banking, which has long been committed to developing and improving its applications and making them more user-friendly.

Some strategies that are customer-oriented, with new actions that generally follow three paths:

·       Be present and visible to the consumer.

·       Report any changes in the service or measures taken to improve hygiene in each process or employee safety.

·       Determine new customer service protocols and listen to users.

Empathy and connection

In this objective of getting closer to the customer, networks, like content marketing, are reinforced as a way of reaching and interacting with the consumer. We spend more time at home and connected. There has been an increase in email marketing in order to maintain that relationship with the customer, offering both promotions and information.

In online sales, some companies have opted for strategies such as special discounts or free shipping to encourage consumption or compensate for delayed delivery dates.

The initial message focuses on offering solutions and expressing empathy, although the marketing experts consider, the messages will evolve towards a more commercial approach.

Therefore, the field of digital marketing that will receive the most investment in the coming months will be digital commerce, which will extend beyond an e-commerce page and will impact the entire pre-sale, transaction, and post-sale process. Also, social networks (50%), Content Marketing (48%) and CRM (47%) will be relevant aspects of investment.

The market is undergoing an alteration due to the economic impact of the pandemic in all sectors. Companies will have to face increased competition without losing sight of sustainability or brand reputation issues. Keeping such a situation in mind, Online marketing, it seems, is the only way through which the companies can think of expanding and flourishing in the upcoming years.


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