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Build your entrepreneur skills with the direct selling industry

Thursday September 07, 2017,

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Direct Selling is Big Wave, Ok let stop myself first because many of you don’t even know what is it? There are different people know this industry with different name like network marketing, referral marketing, chain marketing, pyramid scheme, poncho scheme, scam and many more name….. If you understood which industry I am talking about and you mind says hey I knew all about these types of business, then this write up is not for you. Keep doing what you doing

Now I assume you want to start some business and you are not in category who just said that they want to do business to impress the other person and want to know how this industry can benefits you

1. Easy to start with very low startup cost

This is biggest disadvantage of this industry because it can give opportunity to each and every person without seeing any qualification and background. So anyone one can become part of it. You must be wondering then how come it’s disadvantage because when something is easily available people doubt and didn’t see its worth what it can do? Deep in our mind, we set business requires 15-20 Lakhs of investment and people who don’t have anything are part of Direct Selling. Every next person want to do his/her own business but complaining about not having money to start. If you comes in that category problem solved. Take your chance.

2. You are not alone

To build great business, great team is required, if you want to start any business you can’t do it alone, you a need a good team, with same energy and vision. It’s not easy to find a good set of people together. 70% business fails because of wrong team. In Direct Selling you are not alone, there is a good team already there to help you against all odds, and Team is there to motivate you, inspire you and walk with you.

3. Education that makes Physical, Mentally, Financially and Spiritually Strong

To start and run business you requires steel balls. See around in neighborhood how many people are started business and lasted for more 3-5 years. As per statistics 80% of business closed down within 1 year of their inception. Here it requires a strong education platform which can make you tough and give strength to handle challenges. Good Direct Selling Companies provides this kind of training platform.

4. Mentor for Success

Go and meet any successful businessmen, they would pay huge gratitude to their mentor(s). Sometime we can’t see our blind spots, and that time we need mentor who can tell us what to do, what not to do. Our chances of success increases if we take guidance from person who already walked that path. In Direct Selling you will find great mentors who can hold your hands and take you to the finish line.

If you get above mentioned benefits, you can do wonders in any business. Direct Selling gives courage to pursue your dreams. It gives belief that you can do anything you want to do. It gives realization that you are cause in the matter. It gives hope, to try one more time. It makes you understand rejection is part of the life. It gives you mindset to think positive. It helps you identify your true self.

Disclaimer: Direct Selling is not a get quick rich scheme, it requires same hard work or even more. If you are thinking without doing anything you will become millionaire and if you are lazy and not self-motivated, never ever try your hands else you have one more negative story to tell your friends and family.