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Some free batch image converter software for Windows PC

If you have a large bundle of images to convert into other file formats, using a batch image converter can make your task easy-peasy. This story lists some of the top batch image converter tools.

There are times when you want to get your work done on a computer in a bulk. However, sad thing is that although there has a lot of development in computers and many of the tasks are automated, but there are still certain tasks that one has to do himself. Luckily the topic of this post is not included in the latter part. What we want is to batch convert a bulk of images in our computer from one format to another. And, there are a couple of such software that can do the task.

The beauty of batch processing is that it makes our task way easier and convenient. All you have to do is do some initial preparations, put the tasks on a schedule that is batch processing and sit back and relax. The batch processing software will do the task at its own speed.

Some of the top batch image converters for Windows

Photoshop CS3

Adobe Photoshop the world famous image editing and processing software, used by professionals, can also be used to batch convert images from one file format to another. Photoshop can do more than a dozen of amazing things, and batch converting files formats is also one of those. Still, many usually know the software for its amazing filters and image editing capabilities. To batch convert images in Photoshop is easy. Simply click Tools>Photoshop>Image Processor. You get the option to pick source/original images, then you can apply some conversion settings and choose the destination folder, where the converted images will get saved. Simply click "Run". That's it!

Irfan View

It is a freeware that means that you can download it for free. It's lightweight and installs easily. Using the software is easy thanks to its easy navigation and tools. Image file conversion can be done in batches and takes no time. The software has some additional functionalities as well. It can play videos, there are handy hotkeys, and much more. Plus, it allows users to extend its usability by using plugins.

Also, for those who like to make a full use of their PC, check out different alternatives on how to get Help in Windows 10 and excellent alternatives of Quicktime for Windows 10.

Image Conveter.EXE

This one is also a freeware and is extremely handy. The beauty of the software is its slightly different functioning process. It offers a conversion wizard, using which even a novice who just learned using a computer can batch convert images.

There you have it, some of the most used and free batch Image Converters. I hope the list helped. Check out menverse to find some more free utility tools for PC.