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6 reasons why yoga improves fitness


Have you ever been on a morning walk in a park, and seen other people doing weird things in weird poses that we laugh at? Yes, I’m talking about yoga, and yes, I used to laugh at it too, before I started practicing it. There are tons of reasons how yoga helps, but here are 6 of the most noticeable of them.


First and the most obvious benefit of yoga is the fact that it helps improving flexibility. Has it ever happened that you see people can bend over and reach their toes with their fingers and you try it and you barely reach your knees? You’re not alone, everyone feels that the first day they go through yoga. Don’t feel embarrassed. Not everyone is born with the ability to reach their feet behind their head. But when you start practicing it on a daily basis, you realize your muscles are loosening up when you’re finally able to reach your toes.


Yoga done in the right form is great for your posture. Have you been the one who slouches at a meeting where everyone is upright and alert? Has your mother ever said that you look so lazy all the time? Yes yoga will help you a lot. It helps strengthen your backbone so you have that upright and smart posture you’ve been trying to get all this while.


If you’ve noticed, your parents have issues climbing up the stairs to your home on the 3rd floor. Yoga is something that you should make them take up as a daily thing. In some time, they would realize that their joints don’t hurt as much as they did before and it makes them way more active than they were before.


After the hardcore yoga is done, at the end when you do the relaxing yoga, that is what helps improve the blood flow in your body. Those deep breaths and the meditation in the end helps calm your whole body down and gets enough oxygen into your body after that hard day of working out.


If you have a problem of high blood pressure, yoga should be your go to exercise to be done on a daily basis. There are asanas, like the savasana that have been known to have given a 26 point drop in the blood pressure of some people. So start yoga today to stop that rage you feel that has no apparent reason.


Are you another insomniac, up all night and angry about why you can’t sleep well, and when you finally do, you don’t feel like waking up in the morning? Start yoga. 2 reasons how it helps you sleep deeper. First is that as calming as it is, yoga does involve physical exertion, that tires you out which would help you sleep better. Second, the relaxing exercises at the end of your yoga session calms the body down by reducing blood pressure, increasing blood flow, and just bringing general calmness to your body and emotions, which obviously helps you sleep better.

So I hope you liked this article and it helped give you the proper motivation you need for starting your yoga training today. Go for it. It’s worth it.

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