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Top 5 must-know Paris tips

Know everything about Paris before your trip

First trip to Paris? Excited and don’t know from where to start your planning? Here are the prior things indispensable for you: a luggage with all necessary stuff and clothes conform to the weather, a list of must-visit sites, some useful tips from those been in Paris and last but not least, a stupendous mood for your travel.

 From my own experience, you should gather some information beforehand to avoid trouble-some situations or to bring your trip to perfection. Hence, I have highlighted the foremost Paris tips which will help you when you are there. Here we go:

1. A must-have of a trip in the 21st century- a camera or a quality photo taking phone. But a phone is not enough. Avoid the situation that I have found myself dozens of time- when you open your camera excited to take a marvelous picture and it’s written on your screen: “Not enough storage”. Check the memory of your phone and take a selfie-stick with you to take a picture with the Eiffel tower.

2. Don’t miss the French boutiques even if you are not planning a big deal of shopping. You will find there a lot of things to admire or you can visit the “La Fayette” multi-story mall where there are special departments of French perfume and cosmetics, latest collections of various French designers as well as a huge variety of home stuff.

3. In general, French people adore their language and prefer the tourists to speak in French. There are cases when they won’t reply you if you ask them in English. So to flatter or compliment them, try to learn some basic words in Paris such as “bonjour” or “merci”. If you are traveling with your lover, don’t miss the opportunity and confess love in the love language: ”Je t’aime.”

4. Taxi or metro? Here’s my advice. If you want a safe trip when pickpocketing is less possible, take taxi, but if you want to save money on transport, take metro, but attention! The rate of pickpocketing is really high in Paris. 

5. And walk, walk and walk. Have endless evenings in Paris or feel like you’re in the movie “Midnight in Paris” Try to discover as many tiny streets with cozy cafes as possible.

Have you packed your luggage? Not yet? Then hurry up and put to use these tips. 


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