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MyStory of mompreneurship

Of many thing that we give up with the new baby (read - sleep, shower, friends, interests, free time and ...), the most missed is career... Don't worry ladies there is still a lot you can do with the baby

Did you recently meet a new mother who had to quit her job to take care of the baby and did she appear absolutely content with what she was doing...

This once ambitious young mother would be found missing her old days... some find good baby care in day care and grannies but most don't, to all those who don't I would like leave a message

Take this as your chance to start something of your own, work for your own dream while you can... 

I belong to Lucknow - the city of rich cultural heritage and always had a special corner for it. My baby gave me chance to work towards expanding the reach of Lucknow's chikan embroidery to far across by setting up an online store "www.chikanwings.com". Chikan Wings is working with artisans in Lucknow and exhibiting their hard work on its website and other marketplaces such as amazon

It gives me immense pleasure to be working for the benefit of thousands of women involve in handcrafting these beautiful apparel. I not just working but living a dream along with taking care of the baby and so can every mom of today, though the route to happiness would be different.

The women today are educated and earn as much as men of the family do but sometimes the soft corner of the mothers heart does not allow her to step out of the nest and she chooses to be a stay at home mom for some time... she definitely hopes she will be back in the race in no time. All this time when she is absorbed in the joys of motherhood our economy is loosing on the value that she would have created otherwise. We all need you, choose your route and get busy

Pallavi Chauhan,


Chikan Wings


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