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How I became an Instagram influencer while I was a student

This is might be helpful for those people who wants to be part of the influencer marketing on social media.

In recent days, Instagram is one of the very popular social media platform among those people who care about their social media and they want to be more active as a social media person! Moreover, according to the new researches in business and marketing, social media marketing if one of the most effective way to promote your brand or product. Hence, many big and small size companies invest a huge budget yearly on their social media marketing such as Shredz, H&M etc. Part of the budget goes to influencer marketing on social media platforms. The Influencer marketing is when brands start to advertise their product through the people with a decent number of followers.

Im a student of Civil engineering who has so much passionate in social media, but not just as a normal user! I wanted to have my professional Instagram blog and make money out it just like another influencers. Since I didnt have a big Instagram account with many followers, I decided to buy an Instagram account with some number of followers in order to grow the account and make it an awesome Instagram blog in real estate and interior design niche. I got my 21K Instagram account from socialtradia and I started to post quality content and great caption for my post. I made it to 105K followers in 7 months by caring about my post and my followers in order to post content that they like it.

Although I made a very active and professional Instagram blog in real estate and interior field, but I didnt monetize it until I hit the 100K followers. I started to use some platform such as Tribe, Hey influencers, Famebit for contact the brands for marketing their product and creating content for them. I dont only post advertisement, I do content creation for the companies and after approving by the brands, I post it on my Instagram blog. I start to making a decent money every month after a year and cover my school fees. 

If you want to be an influencer you need to remember, you have to be patient, creative and smart. Post quality content with engaging captions. Use the platform that I mentioned or find similar tools in order to take advantage of those tools for signing more contact with brands and medium size companies as their influencer marketing person.


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