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The guide to top 5 travel accessories


Each of us has had or will have that great opportunity to travel abroad and to get acquainted with various countries, with their culture, history and mentality. No matter where you travel there are two things that are indispensable to take into consideration. The first one is the travel pack which is nearly the same for all countries, so the choice of right accessories is mostly based on one’s experience. The next one is the right planning of your trip in order to have a good time management and to be able to explore as many sites as possible.

Everyone gets nervous when they forget or lose something while traveling and then try to escape that feeling during their next trip. Here’s the guide to the most important accessories you’ll definitely need during your trip. Take notes to use them when you need.

Organizer pack

Have you ever had that feeling that you forgot to put something in your travel pack? Of course, the majority will nod. So, to avoid this, a great thing was invented – the organizer pack where you can put all the necessary but small and messy stuff that you might forget otherwise. This pack is perfect for different cables, chargers, iPods, iPads, napkins, hand sanitizers and other hygiene items.

Thermos cups

If you are a coffee addict or a tea lover, you will surely need a thermos cup. You can even carry water or juice to refresh yourself. These cups are wider and longer so you can use the coffee or tea in it for a couple of hours. Moreover, they are useful in both cold and hot weather.


This is what the majority of us cannot imagine their life without. Headphones are our savors in every inconvenient situation and can create a good mood. So be sure not to forget them while travelling. Avoid the noise in the airplanes and trains as I know they are unbearable when you want to have a rest and sleep.

Neck pillow

Isn’t it the most uncomfortable thing to sleep in the plane or bus? And afterwards the neck pain lasts for several hours or days and keeps reminding of your bad experience. So do your best to take your neck pillow with you as they were created to somehow ease your life.

A thematic travel accessory

Whether you are planning a Paris itinerary or a trip to London, keep with you a small symbolic piece of them. It might be a small Tour Eiffel or Big Ben.

Here we go. You are ready to travel. Don’t forget also to take a pack of the chocolate you love to make your trip tastier.