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Why study in Australia after 12th?

A lot of students wish to study abroad after their school education. With this wish comes along a whirlpool of doubts and queries. ‘Where should you study?’ 

A lot of students wish to study abroad after their school education. With this wish comes along a whirlpool of doubts and queries. ‘Where should you study?’, ‘What course must you opt for?’, ‘What are the pre-requisites?’, and several other questions arise in the minds of students looking towards getting an education abroad. This piece answers your query to ‘Why should you study in Australia after 12th?’

Let’s take a look!

1.Popular Destination

Australia comes third on the popularity chart of education abroad. After UK and US, Australia is the third most preferred location among students wanting to study abroad. With situations becoming a little tricky in UK and US, the number is only likely to rise for international students in Australia.

2.Variety of Courses

It has some 1100 institutes offering about 22000 courses eventually helping a student explore various fields of study that is not easily available in India. Moreover, it is easy to move from qualification levels and institutions easily in Australia. You may get in touch with a global education consultancy services that can help you choose the right course.

3.Cosmopolitan Culture

A culturally diverse country, Australia hosts students from all across the globe. From high north to deep down south, students of all races come around to study in Australia. Its cosmopolitan culture makes it one of the most preferred destinations among students. In fact, Melbourne is ranked second on the world map for its diverse culture.

4.Economical living

The cost of living in Australia is quite economical in comparison to expenses in US and UK. Moreover, scholarships and the facility to work while studying ease out everyday living for any student. Most visas awarded to students allow working upto 40 hours per 2 weeks. Paid work can easily be taken in the fields of hospitality, retail, tourism, tutoring, administration, sales and telemarketing.

5.Better Education

8 Australian universities find their name in the list of top 100 universities in the world. Moving on, segregating the list in other fields such as Arts and Humanities, Engineering and Technology, Life Sciences, Social Sciences, and Clinical, Pre-Clinical and Health, Australian universities have been listed in the top 50 institutes in the above mentioned areas of study.

6.Quality Research

Technically advanced, Australia offers top-notch facilities to its students. When it comes to quality research and innovations in the field of technology, Australia surely comes with an impressive background. 15 Nobel laureates are Australian which explains the country’s investment in this area.

Apart from the pointers listed above, Australia is a beautiful place to live in. From significant landmarks such as Great Barrier Reef and Sydney Opera House to some of the most spectacular beaches like Bondi Beach in Sydney, Lizard Island in Queensland, and Mandalay Beach in Walpole, Australia offers great destinations to see and explore.

Now that you know the reasons behind getting yourself admitted to an Australian university, your next step should be to know about the process involved. The best way to do so is by getting in touch with an overseas education consultancy. They can tell you a step-by-step procedure on how to go about with your application.