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Realign Your Email Marketing Strategy As Per The Email Marketing Stat

Emails have always formed a part of the marketing tools over the years. They still enjoy a great deal of importance when it comes to the digital marketing initiatives.

Emails have always formed a part of the marketing tools over the years. They still enjoy a great deal of importance when it comes to the digital marketing initiatives. There are certain statistics that have been found in relation to the email marketing procedure that may be quite astonishing to you. You may need to rework your strategy for getting better business results in the future.

Combine the Effects of Email Marketing And Social Media:

Combined effects of email marketing and social media marketing create a 28% higher open rate from the ones that are not combined. There are several benefits that are enjoyed through this combination. The emails can find a greater reach to a larger number of subscribers. People can click and create business opportunities for you. It has no effect on the open rate but the mail recipients have several options for undertaking business transactions. You should try to include buttons within your emails that will enable social sharing. You may ask the mail recipients for subscription through the social networks. Try to introduce certain incentives that will be enticing for people to go for sharing through the social media networks.

Marketing Automation:

At least one in 4 of the leading companies globally make use of the marketing automation techniques in the email marketing initiatives. Using this technique can give you an estimated rise of 20% on the total sales. Previously the online marketers used to shoot large number of emails and some of them hit the right targets and successful business generation would take place. The present day buyers are more informed. They do all types of researches and studies before jumping to a decision of purchase. Automated marketing can be helpful in this field as they can provide the required knowledge to the mail recipients before taking him to the stage of purchase.

More People are Using Mobiles than the People Having Access to Potable Water:

The use of mobile ones has increased tremendously in the recent years. The numbers of mobile users who access their emails through these devices have far exceeded the persons accessing their mails through the PCs or laptops. The figures of such growth stand at 180% in the last 3 years. So this medium has to be used efficiently to get the maximum benefits as the customer base using these devices is really huge. Usage of images and larger font help to get positive business transactions.

Role of Gender in Email Marketing:

There is a difference in which males and females look at emails. The females are more attentive to the emails they receive. Though men open the emails by t least 3% more, but they do not go too much into the details. The women spend more time while going through them. Most of the emails are found to be framed in such a manner as if they are addressing male persons only. It has been found that 74% of people like males which have no bias in their framing. Whenever you frame your emails, you need to be careful of the same.

Click Through Rates:

If you check the CTR rates, you will see there are wide variations on the days and also the different times of the day. The highest clicks occur on Saturdays at a rate of 9%. It can be safely assumed that people remain free due to the weekend and have ample time to go through these mails on Saturday. Also the most number of clicks occur in the early morning around 6 am. The time at which you send out your emails do make a lot of differences in the response generation.

Emails Create Better Responses in Comparison To Social Media:

Though the use of social media has increased tremendously, it has not been able to overcome the results of email marketing. They are still very relevant even today. The returns of email marketing are around 40 times more than that of the popular social media sites such Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The above statistics show that you need to realign your email marketing strategy, so that you can achieve a greater flow of business traffic to your website.


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