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The Role Of Career Counselling In One’s Life And Career

Choosing a career of your choice is not only important but also a big decision to take. So, be wise in choosing your career because along with a bright future, job satisfaction is also necessary to have a happy life.

Tuesday January 24, 2017,

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When you have to take your life’s important decisions like your education, career or anything that requires a help, counselling comes into the picture. counselling is a process wherein the counsellor helps you through making your decisions. They will guide you through different possibilities related to your decision and will help you reach the final decision. Career counselling is one such process that goes on throughout your life and you can say that it is a never-ending process.

Career counselling involves discussing of several factors and conditions that affect your decision for choosing a particular career. Whether you are a freshman or have taken a break from your job, career counselling will help you through choosing a particular field or a sector for your job. A counsellor will take you through different options available for choosing a particular career or a job. Your future career depends on what you choose and in which direction you take your steps. Moreover, it is also very important that you should love the work you do because at the end it is your satisfaction that matters which will ultimately give you happiness. Here, we will discuss some points that will help you go smoothly through your counselling journey with your counsellor.

Actively Participate In Discussion

When you visit a counsellor, you don’t have to just act as a recipient but a participant. A counsellor will not give you the ultimate answers to all your questions. They will guide you through the process of counselling. So, it is vital that you actively take part in the discussion and express your thoughts freely in front of them. This will help them know your thinking process and also they will be able to help you with your selection.

Expect Realistically

Keep realistic expectations when you go for a counselling session. A counsellor is a guide, a helper, but this doesn’t mean that he will decide on your behalf and will tell to what to do. You will be the one who has to take the decision for your career or your job. The counsellor will take you through the lane of different options and possibilities available.

Have Honesty

It is always necessary, to be honest with one’s own self. So, you have, to be honest with yourself and so with the counsellor. Express yourself freely and completely in front of your counsellor. Speak out your thoughts as to what you like and what you really think you can do. This will help them guide in a right direction and you will be able to decide what is best for you and how far you can go with your selection or your decision. So, honesty is a must when you have any kind of a counselling session regarding any matter.

Be Clear As To What You Want To Do

Normally, while going through the counselling process, a lot of talks are there and you won’t even realize when your counselling session comes to an end. So, if the counsellor doesn’t come up with anything, then you have to insist them to come develop a discussion that will take you somewhere. In other words, it is important that the two of you initiate and carry out the discussion which will help you get to a conclusion or a state where you can decide for yourself.

Take An Action Too

The counselling session is not only for the discussion purpose, but you also need to act on the available ideas and options. A good career counsellor will challenge you by showing you that your words and actions are going contradictory. This may seem annoying but in real it is not. They are trying to challenge you by asking you to act on what you really think.

Be Smart

Sometimes, it may happen that you and your counsellor reach nowhere and the session may end without coming to any conclusion. There is nobody’s fault in this. But, it is important that you should be an active participant which will ultimately help your counsellor guide you through the possibilities available. In other words, be a smart consumer which will require your active participation in the counselling session to make it fruitful at the end.