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Top 15 Quotes to help you achieve your dreams (by Matshona Dhliwayo)


1. Dream what others do not. Imagine what others have not. Do what others will not. Achieve what others could not.

2. Go after your dreams confidently. Go after your aspirations positively. Go after your goals expectantly.

3. Before you procrastinate, begin. Before you begin, plan. Before you plan, visualize. Before you visualize, dream.

4. If you are willing to pay a small price for your dreams, you are definitely asleep; an average price, you are barely awake; a big price, you are evidently conscious; and a great price, you are undoubtedly alert.

5. What you dream, you desire. What you desire, you pursue. What you pursue, you possess.

6. If you have a dream that no one else can see, a reward awaits you that no one else can have.

7. Fear is an assassin; if you let it into your life, it will kill your dreams.

8. If you water your dreams with excellence, success will grow.

9. Ignore your haters. Resist your fears. Embrace your dreams.

10. Be wary of sharing dreams with men; they will rob them. Be cautious of sharing them with God; He may grant them.

11. Dream more. Plan more. Work more. Achieve more.

12. Follow your dreams with all of your mind. Chase your dreams with all of your heart. Accomplish your dreams with all of your soul.

13. Dream the impossible. See the impossible. Pursue the impossible. Achieve the impossible.

14. Live for your dreams, not your memories.

15. The ceiling is not a good limit; it prevents you from reaching the sky. The sky is not a favorable limit; it hinders you from reaching the stars. The stars are not an acceptable limit; they impede you from reaching the edge of the universe.

When the world told the caterpillar its life was over, the butterfly objected, “My life has just begun.”

Dream all you can, live all you say, work all you must. ~Matshona Dhliwayo