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Positivity and hardwork win over destiny

Turn your weakness into strength

 This is a story about a girl whose name is Priya who lived in Dehradun. Her father was an engineer but because of some situation they left Dehradun and came to live in a village. That started the downward spiral for her her. She felt lonely and depressed there because the surroundings and she was unable to adjust. Her father send her to a Hindi medium school because they thought UP board was much better than CBSE board. Priya was puzzled by the studies and the new medium. It was a drastic change in her life. She faced lots of eve teasing but was unable to share all these things with anyone. All these things left her feeling angry. But her mother was a very positive personality and she taught her how to change the anger into the strength of hardwork.

 She started working hard but destiny intervened again. Her father decided to get her married in a village.

 Her in laws were not in favour of her studies they needed only a daughter in law who could handle their family and increase their family by giving birth to a child.

 She lost all the hopes but her husband took her with him. She gave birth to a daughter. Becoming a mother made her realize the golden words of her mother and she started her studies again with her small little angel. But destiny tested her patience again and she lost the fingers of her right hand in an accident. She started all the work with left hand this time. She didn't quit due to the situation. She completed all her qualifications with a professional degree in B.ed. After B.ed she had another child and got a job in a very reputed school but she felt conflicted about working and handling the childreen at the same time. But she took the correct decision and enjoyed the most beautiful time of motherhood with her kids. A few people called her foolish because she had left the golden chance of a govt job but for her education did not mean only a chance to earn money. She fekt she had got a self identity and a deep satisfaction. 

When her kids started going to school she got a chance again in Air Force School. She was very happy with this achievement because now she was ready to give it her all all and utilise all her learnings from life. Now the whole surrounding was ready to get the fragrance of her knowledge instead of testing or scaring her. The moral of the story is the more life tests you, the more prepared you are to handle problems. All the best to all the readers who are reading this story and best wishes for them to achieve the heights of success by changing there weaknesses into their strength


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