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One Stop Solution for Financial Service

I am a ca student from Rajkot,Gujrat,When I have working with the CA firm I feel very difficulty in processing information of client becausethey have different consultant for different Law(Tax )so

I have made such environment where client get all service related to his business under one place

they not want go with different place to take different services specifically for Rajkot

Where client is un-educated,

we have started to take all finance department on contract basis

with providing internal audit facility

so all mistake get corrected at initial level and client may save penalty from department

we also providing Bill discount ,Export Procedure vis our IEC code so all client not require to maintain documentation for this and get benefit of Sale for export Scheme

We are going to start such a platform for Seller of Rajkot to sale their product on World Wide Platform

which may increase basic price of product and will increase margin of manufacturer

and give chance to work with true buyer with reasonable price

it will create direct contact between Buyer and seller via our platform

all billing related procedure will be provided by us and seller and buyer have not require to take tension for this

Some of Web-Site Like India mart,Allibaba provide service to give information of buyer to seller but

they can not give order processing work

hence this way i want to give help to my client of Rajkot

Vijay Nandaniya

B.com LLB,