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27 July: The morning brain workout to stay sharp all day

By Anand

Several neurobiological researches suggest that stimulating brain exercises grow brain cells, create new neural connections and boost cognition.

According to neuropsychologist Dr. Wolkin, working out areas of the brain before a full day can set us on a path of increased agility and flexibility in our thinking and enable us to communicate more calmly and effectively.

Here is your brain workout for the day. 

Examples: PET, STEP 

Note: (1) Each card can be used only once in each word (2) No proper nouns (3) No plurals (4) No slangs and informal words. 

Feel free to solve with your child, spouse or friends but beware of the side effect - better bonding! 

Come back tomorrow morning for answer and a fresh new WordHoo brain workout.


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