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Deep Blue - The Innovation in the world of Chess!


Deep Blue. A typical name which sounds like an underwater marine experience, with water all around. But no, it is actually a chess playing computer, which was developed in the 20th century, by IBM professionals, who invented this game. A perfect example of artificial intelligence, and invented by Feng-hsiung Hsu, and which started off as a Chip Test

Deep Blue, was followed by its successor, known as Deep Thought. It was built by professionals, from all over the world, and its main aim was to create a revolution in the game of chess, which could even defeat the world champion. There were many instances, when Deep Blue competed against the world champion in the game of chess, Garry Kasparov. Firstly, in the month of February 1996 , Deep Blue played against Garry Kasparov, but lost to him for 4-2. After that, it went for redevelopment and upgradation for a year by its creators. 

After being upgraded, by latest features and technology, Deep Blue again competed against Garry, in the year 1997. Then it created a record and became the first chess playing computer to have defeated the world champion for a whopping score of 3½–2½, in the month of May, under standard chess game controls.

Thus, Deep Blue became the first computer to defeat a world champion, in the world famous game of chess, and became a revolution in the game. It was recognized as a famous name in the game of chess, for years together. It was later dismantled, after some controversies, including those in which Garry accused IBM of cheating, but still praised the computer's moves and creativity. Now-a-days, modern chess software like Deep Fritz, Houdini have recognized recognition compared to the chess hardware and the era of Deep Blue. But still, it will remain an inspiration for chess players in the upcoming years. 


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