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Changing trends in Reputation management.

An insight into the changes faced by reputation management and how a user can choose the best company for himself. 

Today, Business with a good online reviews and reputation is considered by more than 80% of people whereas a bad reputation can lead any business into loss. Your bad online reputation will lead to damaging your business. According to a study 80% of people search for brands online and go through at least 10 reviews before choosing any. There are 95% of chances that your potential customers search you online and your bad reviews or negative information online make them to switch their searches. Now is the time when you are not evaluated on your actual strengths but on the basis of your online reputation.

And to save one from such consequences a few years back a new trend emerged called Online Reputation management which included securing your online reputation by using tools like search engine optimization , erase net etc which in turn would take down all the negative comments and make you shine as hero in the forefront.

A bad online reputation comes with various other problems be it a corporate scandal, poor customer service or unsatisfied employees. Instead of going into the past, we can take a recent example of Uber. Ceo of Uber had to leave his position under the pressure of shareholders due to his bad online image. For any business following a bad online reputation, circumstances start becoming tough with time. In this article we will make people be it individual or any organization to understand the consequences of having a bad online reputation.

You are not competing alone in the market and this is the truth. Your competitor is waiting for your fall so that it can make money. It is observed that many competitors make us of internet to tarnish their competitor’s online reputation. If you are giving a tough competition, you must take care of your online reputation. Your bad online reputation paves the way of success to your competitors leaving you behind. Thereby one must secure its online reputation before it leaves your business in poor conditions.

Whether you want to hear anything from internet or not, it is going to affect you. Social profiles, email, websites, blog and comments section, internet have a wider area where people can talk about you or harass you. In case of talks, what happens, people speaks foe sometime and then forget but on internet nothing buries. People keep searching about you and may talk about you anonymously.

But when this trend emerged it came as a sensation and spread throughout internet. The market flooded with companies and agents which offered huge variety in the reputation management and made this business corrupt. Many companies have started using it as a means to earn money and due to large number of people misusing this as a mean to gain false reputation while bringing the genuine companies down in business.

Due to such corrupt means used by a few of the company’s reputation management is losing its popularity and to get all the lost reputation back one must look at various other aspects too which will ensure the customer security against all such charges. Let us put some light on points which we must keep in mind before investing in online reputation management companies.

How to select the company which matches our need of online reputation management 

First one must look for weather the company is offering you “extreme reputation overhaul “ which means that whenever your name is typed in the search bar all the bad links are removed , and you are ensured security . Secondly, you must invest where you will be granted reputation insurance where the company will take responsibility of ensuring reputation building and lastly just for the saving money one must never invest in unrecognizable companies as this could hamper your reputation even more.

There are various websites which deal with reputation management like Repusurance Inc. , reputation.com, brand24, reputationx,com and many more but it depends on us how we make up the plan and invest wisely in this, one must be careful and should talk in detail about the company and its procedures well so that one is never cheated by any means .The future of your business totally depends upon which image you maintain in the market and hence one must be well acquainted with all the latest technology and changing trends in the field of reputation management .  


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