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Is it worth outsourcing your photo editing?

Outsourcing your wedding photography workflow could be one of the most important business decisions you make.

Most of the photographer spends 40-50% of their working time in editing their photos, Sitting in front of computer and keeping them from connecting with friends and family.

A photographer usually take 1500-2000 images minimum at a wedding and it takes up-to 1-2 days for editing. This means you spend more than 60 % of your working time doing editing.

If you choose to outsource your post production you can spend more time in marketing and making connection, This means more customers, more orders and more revenue. You will spend time to focus on those things that will actually grow your business, and time to spend with your loved ones.

Photographers who have opted to outsource their edits to enrichpixel have reported considerable amount of improvement in their business and personal life, Now you don't have to worry about editing the event for hours, Just upload the wedding to our server and save time for things that actually matters.

Enrichpixel.com offers custom post-production to photographer, But what we really do is giving photographers time, it costs you $100-$250 approximately to oursource to enrichpixel.com

We work hard so that photographers don’t have to. We want photographers to give their heart and soul to photography and the one they care about. We will take care of post-production, We are in love doing editing.


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