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Dedication to detail: 4 lucrative career paths for precise thinkers

Attention to detail is one of the most valuable and desirable traits you can showcase as you enter the business world. If you are a meticulous person for whom double-checking and reconfirmations come natural, there are a few lucrative careers where you will likely find success:

Intelligence Analyst

In the 2012 film "Zero Dark Thirty," actress Jessica Chastain played the role of a meticulous CIA analyst whose meticulous work was crucial in revealing the hideout of international terrorist Osama Bin Laden. Intelligence analysts are often tasked with evaluating massive amounts of information and data collected from various sources. Not all intelligence analysts work in military or government settings; in fact, the majority work as business consultants who parse through Big Data sets and reports to identify competitive advantages that can benefit their clients.


If you would like to enter a career that combines legal and scientific know-how with field work and compliance, you should look into land surveying. As a surveyor, you are expected to know about geography, topography, zoning, geometry, cartography, law, and urban development. Your work will help civil engineers, landscape architects, home builders, aviation officials, real estate developers, attorneys, and legislators. Attention to detail is a must since one slight mistake in your surveys could be costly.

Civil Engineer

If you are fascinated by the infrastructure projects that support our lives, a civil engineering career could be very fulfilling. Your computational skills and attention to detail will be put to the test as soon as you start preparing for this career. As a civil engineer, you will always be better off erring on the side of caution and being obsessive about your work; after all, you will be responsible for making sure that roads, bridges, airports, train stations, seaports, and water supply systems operate safely and efficiently.

Civil engineers are always in demand and tend to be very busy when governments announce their intention to create or improve national infrastructure for the purpose of stimulating the economy. If this is a path you want to pursue, be sure to get a degree before applying for jobs. It would be a good investment to look into an advanced degree as well, like a civil engineering masters degree.

Fashion Designer

Some of the most famous fashion labels in the world owe their success to the sharp eye of a designer who was able to spot an aesthetic trend well ahead of the competition. Fashion designers know that little details can go a very long way in terms of creating attire and accessories that people will love to wear. Sometimes it only takes a keen observation of an unusual combinations of shapes and colors to make fashion happen.

In the end, you should be proud of your ability to pay close attention to detail, which has the potential to steer you in the direction of a successful and rewarding career.


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