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I am a student and I don't know what to do next

Perhaps, choices are crossroads but how would we ever discover if we never start?

Choices are crossroads, which one is the best?

“I want to discover myself”

“I don’t know what I wish to do all my life”

“I don’t what I am best at”

“There are too many options, I am so wrecked”

“It’s all so confusing, I would rather go for my masters”

There are a lot more allied things I get to hear from recent graduates. In fact, If I were to talk about myself, I would say I am still sinking in the same boat but just a little less confused.

Every time these thoughts come to your mind, you need to realize that there’re very few individual who are Omniscient. People who really know what they are doing and what exactly do they want so on this account, I believe most things in life happen by chance. And that chance happens when we decide to hustle. Yes, hustle- When we give our 100% in every task we’re doing because during this whole process of trying to give our best and knowing what we want. We, despite delay discover our happy place.

I am sure, you are still unsure whether you like Marketing/ Finance/ Operation/ Acting/ Music, right? So go out and give eveyrthing a shot. Research about these vocation online, connect with the professionals working in the same field and above all, get your hands on short projects because when you get into something, only then you understand whether you belong there or not. Perhaps, choices are crossroads but how would we ever discover if we never start?

Thus, instead of sitting in one corner and putting on our thinking cap in order to figure out what next, go out and try your hands on multiple projects that would actually help us solve this puzzle. Infact the moment we become busy little beaver, such thoughts eventually fade away.

If we prepare ourselves today, we need not batten down the hatches. So learn, hustle and discover. These 3 things mitigates the situation better . :)


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