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The Board Game that's Changing the Game.

Turasa is changing the way families play together. 

Nicole Rijelle and Amy MacConnell, both yoga teachers and mothers wanted to create a game that would not only teach their kids about health and meditation but one that would teach them spiritual values, like gratitude, through play. 

"Turasa, the turtle was blown away from his home and he needs you to be a warrior of heart, body and mind to get him back." The kids adventure through the river, ocean, city and jungle becoming different animals (yoga poses) and exercises to get Turasa back home. The game is unique in that it has one piece (a rock) so kids do all the poses together, unlike most competitive games, Turasa teaches cooperation. 

"One of the things I like most about this game is that we first started with the values we wanted to teach and expanded from there. So there are cards in the game that ask "what are you grateful for? and pass this around." Its amazing to see children and families play this who have never used those sentences together. We hope that this game sets a standard in the children's toy industry." 

Its been an incredible journey and I want to encourage everyone that has a dream to go for it. We didn't know how we were going to create this, all we had an idea, now we have an award winning product. So many people told us it was a bad idea, but we believed in our ultimate vision and went for it. If I can do it, so can anyone. 

Nicole Rijelle

Turasa won the Brain Child Award!

Order on Amazon or at www.turasagame.com