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20 menus and food ideas for wedding & parties

Have a wedding or a party knocking at your door? Are you looking for the best menu and food ideas? 

Weddings and parties give us an excellent opportunity to delight our guests with some surprising dishes or food pairings. 

When my wife and I were planning my brother's wedding, we wanted to keep it elegant, simple and rife with surprising appetizers and food pairings that left the attendees with an unforgettable impression!

Many of the attendees still admire our hospitality and menu ideas. If you're looking for some creative menu ideas for weddings and parties, listed below are 20 ideas. So, let's find out what they are:

1. Simplicity Rules - Guests tend to get hungry upon arriving at the reception. Serve them with some sort of snack before dinner. Serve cheese squares, simple crackers or some fruit.

2. Offer Mini Food Bowl - Mini Bowl Food lets your guests eat while standing. It's also a fun way to delight your guests with a lot of different food options.

3. Popcorn Food Bar - Popcorn can always set the festive mood. Everyone can also go for a fistful before hitting the dance floor.

4. Classic Carnival Food - Fresh donuts and fried stuff? It doesn't get more mouth-watering than this!

5. Coffee Desserts - coffee-infused desserts can keep your guests recharged and out on the dance floor.

6. Comfort Food - Comfort Food has always been a hit at weddings. Offer mini tacos decorated with lines.

7. A Childhood Favorite - Wow your guests with a favorite from your youth. Nobody would expect cookies or a shot of milk.

8. Whiskey Bar - Bring back the 1960s vibe with whiskeys, bourbons and various cocktail suggestions.

9. Go for Family Style - Prefer a family style for serving. Put a table where food can be passed around just like at home.

10. Serving Out of Season is a No-No - Do not serve any dishes out of season. Seasonal foods tend to get expensive.

11. Prefer a Simple Display Cake - You may be tempted to order a lavish 7-tiered cake, but go for a simple 2-tiered cake.

12. Offer a Cupcake Cake - Instead of splurging on a $300 cake, spend less than $100 on a decorated tier of delicious red velvet cupcakes.

13. Offer Smaller Slices - Serve your wedding cake in smaller slices. You can downsize cost too with smaller slices.

14. Street Food - nobody would expect to see street food on the menu. Street food can also create a festival vibe at the party.

15. Keep 'em Dancing - serve bacon baps, cheeseboards, mini sliders, mash, hot dogs and pizza to supply energy for the dancers.

16. Cereal Bar - A cereal bar can also keep the energy level up for dancing. Serve Lucky Charms, Captain Crunch, etc.

17. Offer a Sweets Bar - have a candy buffet to serve bags of candy in different dishes. Offer pies, cookies and brownies to your guests.

18. Serve One Signature Drink - If you want to have liquor at your wedding or party, make sure you serve one signature drink.

19. Popsicle Cocktails - A fruity popsicle can truly be refreshing for many. Flavors like raspberry sorbet can be delicious.

20. Doughnut Bars - Donuts can be a great alternative for those who aren't the biggest fans of wedding cakes.

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There's always so much to serve as wedding food besides the main course. In this article, I listed 20 menu and food ideas to stir up excitement at weddings or parties. If you want to make your wedding or party a truly enjoyable and memorable, make sure you have those items.