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Microsoft Outlook PST files to PDF conversion

An instant way to perform Outlook files to PDF Conversion

Friday April 14, 2017,

4 min Read

All of us want a safe and risk free conversion process for transferring data from one email client to another, Outlook to PDF Converter tool is most preferred and secure tool that provides accurate and reliable conversion of Outlook files to PDF format. Tool has a significant inbuilt feature that makes Microsoft Outlook PST Files to PDF Conversion easy and flawless. Outlook to PDF Converter tool is an insanely way to perform Outlook files to PDF Conversion.

About Microsoft Outlook and Adobe PDF

Microsoft Outlook is the most commonly used email client which is widely used by users for easy management of data. It enable users in storing, sending and receiving emails, contacts, calendars (daily, monthly, weekly), journal, sticky notes, etc. “PST” is the extension for primary data file which is used by Outlook to store email messages.

Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format which is used to present and exchange documents reliably. It is a format that is independent of software, hardware, or operating system. It is mainly used to view or print a document because it provide electronic document which is not easy to overwrite or copy.

Why conversion of Outlook file to PDF is necessary

Users have to face so many issue with Outlook format that pushed them to switch or leave Outlook format and get Adobe PDF format. So here are a few reasons why users want Outlook files to PDF Conversion:

1.  Users cannot work on Outlook files without MS Outlook installation.

2. Outlook PST file become corrupt or useless beyond a certain limit.

3. Sometimes there is problem occurred with the old data of PST file they are usually not backed up.

4.  For security purpose as we all know, PDF provide more security as compared to other file formats.

5. In Outlook there a lot risk of losing data

6. Other reasons- Job switching, not comfortable with MS Outlook application.

Complete Overview of Outlook to PDF Converter Tool

As we all know we cannot easily open or view Outlook file into PDF and vice versa. So you need a tool that provide Outlook files to PDF Conversion accurately. Outlook to PDF Converter is a wonderful third party tool that makes Microsoft Outlook PST Files to PDF Conversion easy and smooth. Tool is build up with so many interesting and useful features, it allows users to export Outlook to PDF easily and trouble free. Outlook to PDF Conversion tool has an interactive interface that help users to it without any technical knowledge, even non-technical users can also perform transferring of data from Outlook to PDF simply. Some more beneficial feature of Outlook files to PDF Conversion tool are given below.

Reason for using Outlook to PDF Converter

1. Provide Graphical User Interface that make conversion process smooth and flawless

2. No file size limitation, users can perform limitless conversion of Outlook files to PDF format without getting any file size issue

3. Tool has one more useful and time saving feature that is “Batch mode”, it allows users to convert unlimited files at once in single time process.

4. Compatible for all Windows versions - Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 8 and all earliest editions and all MS Outlook editions-2016, 2016, 2010, 2007 and 2003 are supported by Outlook to PDF Converter tool

5. Preserve all formatting and folder structure - The tool maintains file formatting (to, cc, bcc, date, time, subject, etc.) and folder and sub folder hierarchy intact during Outlook files to PDF Conversion process.

6. Two options to save attachments - Tool offers to options save email attachments - first one is save attachments directly into PDF file and another one is save attachments separately in a folder

7. Conversion of all type of emails from PST files - Tool allow users to export emails from password protected, Corrupt or damage PST files into Adobe PDF format successfully.

Download Free Demo Tool

Outlook files to PDF Converter is available with the Demo version to check out the functionality of the tool and perform Outlook files to PDF Conversion. The Demo edition allow users to export 25 emails from each single PST file to PDF format without paying any cost. For unlimited conversion of files from Outlook to PDF get the complete edition of the Outlook files to PDF Converter and Convert “N” number of Outlook emails to PDF format without any error or limitation.