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The VR Magic

Virtual Reality Revolution and The Opportunities it Spells for App Developers.

Virtual Reality is everything that you imagined, it’s like a sci-fi movie that takes you to places beyond your imagination; basically, it’s a dream come true for most of the people. It makes experiencing the past, present, and future much more exciting. I remember when my science teacher first introduced the solar system and the galaxy to us. Back then I used to just close my eyes and imagine being there in the galaxy and seeing the entire solar system, after all, that was all I could do then. I wish VR was consumerized back then. Today, all of this is experienceable; students no longer need to read from their boring history or science books and can actually witness the American Revolution, can visit the Roman Colosseum or the Great Wall of China, and can even touch Mars.

As much as it is a useful tool for education and learning, it is also a powerful technology for training people and that is where the opportunity resides. Surgeons can use VR to train their juniors different surgical procedures, military simulators can help soldiers improve their shooting and fighting skills, driving VR simulators can help you test your driving skills, event organizers can make their clients see what their event would look like before it actually happens, architects and designers can also reap benefits out of this. The VR adoption has already begun by early tech enthusiasts. A lot of VR games have already launched, after all, Games was why we ever thought of VR at the first place.

Having stated the unusual ways of training, education, learning, shopping etc this new technology is slowly gaining pace and popularity, especially among the Gen Y and Gen Z. The Millennials and the teens are excited about VR as they are tech-savvy and love playing games. They are eager to try out and experience this new technology and this is a clear indication of their intent to own a VR Device in the upcoming year. The more matured population is also thrilled about the VR Technology but is a little hesitant to experiment.

Virtual Reality technology is too immersive. It’s an intersection between the physical and the virtual world. Using the senses of sound, sight, and sometimes touch, it creates an artificial environment that involves its users in an immersive way. This immersive nature of the VR brings with itself both opportunities and threats and the more matured population is concerned about the later.

However, any company that resonates with the teens and millennials (which constitute the majority) and aims to cater to this segment will definitely try to seize the opportunity and come up with game-changing products using the immense potential of VR. The VR tech is still evolving and is in its primitive stage, but it is here to stay, given the opportunities it opens, the excitement it creates, experience it offers. It will help businesses optimize their processes and help them become more accessible and efficient by saving their time and increasing their presence. It definitely has huge costs attached, but the advantages reaped overshadows all of it.

This holds greater opportunities for the developer segment as they have a vast, unexplored, limitless space that is fully customizable, isolated, immersive and filled with greater possibilities. It presents a new way of interacting with the digital information, different from the traditionally used computer/mobile/tv/console screens. Thus, there is a lot to be developed here. Since a lot of businesses are devising strategies to include this novel technology in their processes, developers should keep a sharp eye on opportunities like this and get themselves acquainted and equipped. App Development Companies need to be a step ahead and know what VR solutions they can offer to their clients to scale their businesses. They need to learn, practice, and explore this technology and its capabilities to reap the most out of this up-and-coming technology which is believed to stay & sustain for a longer time.

With all this buzz, speculations, excitements going around VR, we really hope it grows beyond games and becomes mainstream.

Virtual Reality is really a new communication platform. By feeling truly present, you can share unbounded spaces and experiences with the people in your life. Imagine sharing not just moments with your friends online, but entire experiences and adventures. - Mark Zuckerberg


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