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Why is money not with you?

Money psychology is different. Money works in different way than you think it is.

Money psychology is different. Money works in different way than you think it is. Most of the people work as victims “blaming each other why money is not with them”. They think that its because of their boss, or its the society which is not leting you grow. Some thinks that its the giant corporation which have already covered the market which means that there is no room for a new busniess in the field. NO! You are completely wrong if you think that.

First step is to stop being a victim, and take 100% resposibility for your profits and losses. Become a problem solver not a problem creator.

Indentify the problems around you and make a habit of solving them.

Always remember winners never quits and quitter never wins.

Money psychology is just like a Dam. If you hold a lot of water it creates problematic for the neighbouring area. And if the dam holds to little water it is also problematic. Do not try to Dam your money. Invest in your self.

It will repay more than what you invested.

DAM of Money

Money is also not with you because money is an emotional issue, check your relationships first. Are they healthy enough? No? Right, that's what the problem is, you know I am not saying if your relationships are healthy then you will be rich in money, but if your relationships are healthy you would not be rich in money. Think about it, give it a thought!