8 Things Digital marketer should improve in 2017

    25th Nov 2016
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    The digital marketing field is growing and people who are working there also improving their knowledge in this industry. When we say the term Digital Marketing, it contains only two words, but there are a lot of sections in it.


    Here are the 8 things in Digital marketing in which you have to improve your knowledge and master it.

    1. Advanced SEO

    Many people say SEO is dead and content marketing replaced it. But SEO is not dead, and the method you have used once is dead now.

    So what is the replacement for that?

    The answer is advanced SEO. Once upon a time the search engines were using the on-site content and backlinks to rank a site. If you have keywords many times in the page and so many anchor backlinks pointing to the site, you would have won the battle.

    The engineers who have been working on the search engines making it smarter day by day. They released algorithms to find bad links, link manipulation, keyword stuffing, hiding keywords on the site and most of the black hat practices.

    Still black hats are working and we all should agree that. But in parallel search engines are also finding those methods and penalising those sites. So if you want the long term results, you should practice white hat SEO.

    In advanced SEO, the on page optimisation takes places especially meta tags. All of us knows about meta keyword and description tags, but there many other tags are also in use which we should use.

    For E.g if you have a site and have mobile apps and mobile sites you have to make alternate canonicalization in all optimised site. For that, you have to add specific canonical tags.

    The mobile site, desktop version are pointing to the same content. But the URL format is different. This will make a duplicate content issue. Not only that, if you have affiliate links to your site, there will be a lot of links pointing to the same page.

    To avoid the duplicate page issue, show the original URL to Google by adding canonical tag in the page. “<link rel="canonical" href="http://example.com/blog" />”

    There are a lot of blogs out there creating awesome contents and attract links towards them. In content marketing and link building work the bloggers syndicate their content to multiple RSS syndication sites.

    The problem here is, Google crawls most of those RSS syndication sites faster than the original page. This also creates duplicate page issue. To do that you have to make an RSS syndication delay in your site. There are a lot of things like above said in advanced SEO. Search, learn and practice it.

    2. Google Adwords Retargeting

    This is the best option in Google AdWords and helps a lot of businesses to bring sales. The more you use it specifically, the more you will get sales.

    Google Retargeting is a simple concept but gives a lot of benefits. Here you will show the ads in various formats in Google partner sites for those people who visited your site previously. Google AdWords uses the cookies to do this. The success rate for this method is almost above 30%.

    There are a lot of options in it. You can show shoe retarget ad to a person who visited shoe section in your e-commerce website. Here You are showing the relevant ads to the person, so the click through rate is high. The person who clicks retarget ads likely to convert.

    In those ads, you can show special offers that can make those people buy your products or create a landing page which convince the user to take action.

    3. Facebook Videos

    When the internet speed was low with limited data, the video did not have any impact in social medias. But when the internet speed became high, the video has started to revolutionise the social media.

    You know the video is simply not a stream to entertain people in social medias. It has a value, and you can use it for brand enhancement and business improvements. You can tell a story in a video which may go viral.

    In mediakix survey, it reports that Facebook video posts have grown to 96% in the US. Facebook also started to give more exposure to the videos and released live video option to encourage people to use and share videos on Facebook.

    They also added an advantage of giving 10X exposure for your live videos. When a normal post reaches 20 people in your friend's list, the live video has the chance to reach 200 more people.

    So, Here your deal is to make advantage of Facebook live video posts. Now Facebook enabled the option to share live video with Facebook groups. Most of the third party entertaining page is using it and gaining 1000 of followers organically within few days.

    FB live video will give more brand exposure when you have a Facebook page for your business.

    The recent trend in the Facebook live video is the Facebook live poll. If you are a social media manager of any brand, you have to make use of it.

    All you have to do is to conduct a poll which induces the people to take action by emoji. The trick here is to carry out a poll in live video.

    For live video Facebook automatically gives you 10X exposure.

    Here, People take action on poll video by clicking any emoji, or they do comment and share. The likes, comments and share increase the exposure more. At last, you will end up gaining new followers organically.

    Note: Try this now, if you are an Indian marketer, try this before jio free internet ends.

    4. Youtube the visual content

    As you know, Youtube is the second largest search engine and fully contains video contents.

    Humans like visual contents. This is the reason behind the success of Youtube. If you use it in a correct way, you can get business leads from youtube. Here is an example for that.

    As non-native speakers, we Indians tend to learn English from experts to speak well. The main point is we consider speaking English with fluency as a prestigious issue.

    There are a lot of videos which teach us how to speak English without mistakes. If you see clearly, most of the people who talks in the videos has been creating a self-branding for them.

    The result is people tend to know about them more once they inspired by their speech.

    Here are two such youtube channels one is growing, and the other already has a significant exposure.

    One is https://www.youtube.com/user/learnexmumbai/ by Let’s talk English Institute. Listen to the experts who talks in this video. Make a note of their actions and speaking style with attractive introductions.

    Especially here is the expert Niharika's English teaching Video link. She is the most active one in that channel. Look at her actions speaking styles, introduction and request to subscribe at the end of the video.

    Watch the video in Marketing way, not as a learner; you will understand how they impact a viewer and converting him into leads with their content marketing skill.

    The another growing channel is Easy English Everyday https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT6mXEYc5THlLo4Dh90RdPQ by Balakrishna.

    Here the important thing is he did not follow any marketing tactics, but his way of presentation attracts people and gives him more exposure.

    Here both of them are doing great content marketing by providing what the learner requires. So if you give what your end users like, you will get attention from them.

    You can follow multiple methods to bring people from youtube to your site and convert them into leads.

    5. Writing blogs for Improving search presence

    Most of the sites have blogs, and only a few of them are regularly updating it.

    And of course, Some of them are doing great content marketing with it.

    Instead of writing some event news on your site blog, write informative contents on it. You have to write for your customers so that you can get traffic and opportunities for link building.

    If you want to leverage the power of advanced link building, you have to create great valuable contents on your site. The contents can be anything which will help the visitor or make them come again.

    The current and most preferred form of content marketing is video+infographic+content. Search engines love written contents as their algorithms can understand them. It will give you high rankings in Search Engine for various search terms.

    The surprise is you will get traffic from the keywords you don't even optimise. When you create 2000+ words valuable content, you won't get sudden keyword rankings in search engines. You will get search engine traffic little by little when your content gets old.

    Google will rank your contents for most relevant keywords. If you have 2500+ words quality content, your blog will rank for 100+ keywords. You can place a perfect lead generation area in your content. If you give valuable contents, people who visit your blog will subscribe to your newsletter. You can do email marketing with those emails.

    Don't write for search engines, write for humans.

    6. Converting Offline Marketing efforts into Online Marketing

    When we all were young, we had watched

    the billboard advertisements,

    Radio and Television advertisement,


    wall posters,


    and sponsored events.

    Once they were the primary platform for advertising, but not now. Even now more people are using these platforms mainly, and it is giving good effects. Newspaper advertisement is one of the main things which can give good brand exposure when you create an attractive custom design for newspaper readers.

    Remember the Advertisement from Flipkart in the front pages of the newspaper about their big billion days. It increased the awareness among people, so they got more visits and sales due to that high reach.

    But for those things, you should have a budget and the amount you have to spend will be out of your control.

    This is entirely different in online marketing.

    You can spend within your budget and get back more ROI. You can create a viral video in facebook and youtube about your deals, offers and company promotions. If it triggers emotion from the people, you will succeed and get brand exposure organically without spending much money.

    There are a lot of specific niche blogs with Google Adsense out there, and you can put your ad banner in one of the relevant sites to increase the brand awareness and drive sales.

    If you put ad banner about Automobile in any motor vehicle-related blogs, you will gain brand exposure for your store. Here you should be specific and find where your customer hangs out.

    It will reduce cost and increase ROI. There are a lot of paid marketing and organic marketing opportunities which will equal the exposure of offline advertising within low cost.

    7. Integrating Human psychology in marketing

    You have to learn the art of human behaviour which would help you to gain attention especially when you are an online marketer doing marketing within the low budget.

    Each colour has different meaning and attractions to people. Even placing the appropriate images in the site has psychology.

    You can’t proceed everything which satisfies or attracts you.

    You have to go for research with that. The first impression is the best impression, and visual impact mostly comes first. To make visual impressions, you need to go through some psychology facts.

    Even small position changes in the subscriber box can lead to some percentage of hike in conversion ratio. The place, position, images and lot more things have the significant impact on site conversion.

    Whatever content you produce, implement the psychology things in that to gain success.

    8. Copy Writing Skills

    In Copywriting we write in a way which the word attracts people and stimulate them to take action which leads to the conversion.

    You know, the words have power both in written and oral format. Write in a way which attracts your customer. If you are good at creating visual contents, you have to make a good concept which makes people listen to you till the end.

    When you make such concept and convert it to visual content such as video or infographic, it will have the chance of going viral. Here you will get three main benefits

    Brand exposure to your site

    Getting organic links for your site

    The low budget and high Return on Investment

    You can use the opportunities by revealing customers pain points. It will gain you a lot more attention and sales than any other methods.

    Have you seen any Hair fall treatment oil ads?

    If so you might have listened the same phrase “ Are you suffering from hair fall? “. It won’t attract you much until you are suffering from hair fall.

    The second phrase from the ad copy is pain relief point. It will be something like” Stop your hair fall within a week”, “Gain your hair back within 3 days”.

    The sweet part is “ the second phrase will taste like honey to those suffered people”. It will trigger a spark in their mind and make those people remember your brand name.

    If a suffered man used to see the ad again and again, he will likely to buy the product as soon as possible.

    In digital marketing, we all of us are behaving like a generalist, but in the upcoming year, we have to concentrate more on above things to improve the sales for our clients.

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