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5 reasons why Indian prefer foreign education

Why Indians prefer to study abroad

1. Poor quality of education: The quality of Indian education is rather poor as compared to their foreign counterparts. The condition of social sciences is appalling. There is a lack of recognition to social sciences and dearth of good quality study material.

2. Lack of incentive for research: Studies in India are geared towards jobs rather than research. There is severe shortage of skilled research professionals in India. There is also a lack of proper infrastructural support to research.

3.Preference in job market: Many employers prefer to higher workers with non Indian education. They are also willing to pay more to them.

4.Welcoming environment: Many foreign universities offer a welcoming environment to Indian students. They offer them freeships, scholarships and other assistance to continue their education abroad.

5. Tough competition at home: Getting through top-notch universities is tough in India due to less seats and more population. Reservation policy further acts as a deterrent for Indian to continue studies in India.

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