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8 Customer Experience Integrations Every SMB Should Have in 2020

With the integration of the customer experience app from piHappiness, you can create amazing strategies, thanks to the features available in the app.

Customer service is one of the most crucial elements of any company, especially when today it is all about competition. Only a happy customer can be retained for the future and a happy customer can also bring in more customers towards the company. Hence, it gets important for companies to take immense care of the customers.

One of the finest ways to take care of the customers is by taking feedback. Real-time feedback can help in solving the problems instantly by offering great customer experience and hence retaining the customer. Also, any feedback or suggestions coming from a customer can be taken towards better growth of the company. 

Integrating technology for better customer experience is something that many of the companies are doing today.

With the integration of the customer experience app from piHappiness, you can create amazing strategies, thanks to the features available in the app. 
  • Compatible with Different Devices: One of the most amazing features of the software is that it is compatible with almost all types of devices. Whether it is a tablet, iPad, or some other device, the software can be easily operated. This is in favor of the customers because different customers will be using different devices and feedback can be achieved from all of them. 
  • Multiple Languages: Not just the customer experience software is compatible with diverse devices; also it has the support of diverse languages. This will ensure that customers from different parts of the world are able to get the registration done without any difficulty. As many as 90 languages are integrated into the software, enabling people from diverse geographical locations to use the software with ease. 
  • Demographic Reports: The software is not only in favor of the customers. It is also of great help to companies. The software offers a wide number of information about the customers who have provided feedback. Apart from the basic information such as gender and age, the software also helps the companies to know about other important details of the customers too such as religion, income group, nationality, and many others. Proper information about the customer always helps the companies in knowing them better. 
  • Net Promoter Score: Net Promoter Score is one of the finest features provided by piHappiness. It is a scale on which the customers can rate the products and services of a company between the range of 1 and 10. This is a mean through which the companies can actually measure the customer experience and can understand the number of customers who are having a higher level of customers in comparison to those who do not have.


  • Real-Time Feedback: Customers are capable of sending real-time feedback on any product or service. This is a boon for the companies because, in case of negative feedback, the company can take instant actions for resolving the problem that has been pointed out by the customer. This is a step that also puts an impact on the reputation of the company. If the problems are solved faster, customers will have a positive thought about the company and will get retained.
  • Faster Solving of Problems: The software offers higher convenience to the customers in a number of ways. One such way is solving any kind of problem much faster. When a low rating is provided by a customer, the companies can see it instantly and they can escalate the problem to the designated areas instantly so that the problem can get resolved as soon as possible. In this way, the customers do not have to wait for a long time and hence the trust over the brand stays. 
  • A Detailed Record: The best thing about the application is that it stores all the data in the cloud in place of the device. So, whatever feedback the customers are providing, all of it is saved safely in the cloud. Whenever someone wishes to have a look at the data, it can be available without much difficulty. Past feedback can be searched for a number of reasons such as to check whether the problem was resolved or not, whether such a problem has taken place earlier or not and so on. Also, keeping a track of such records at times help in training purpose.
  • Comparison of Customers: The ultimate goal is to serve the requirement of the customers. But customers from different locations may have different requirements. The feedback in the software can be analyzed to compare different customer satisfaction and customer experience level of different locations. This will help the companies in offering better service to the customers so that the ultimate customer experience is achieved for customers from different geographical locations and also different tastes. 


Customers are getting fussy these days as life is getting faster and people have higher expectations from the brands. Hence, the brands should be ready with their best services so that they can provide maximum customer satisfaction. Making use of software options such as that from piHappiness is one of the best ideas in collecting customer feedback, analyzing them and then serving the customers even better. We make sure to offer the best software option with the best features that can match up with the expectations of not only the customers but also the companies. With our feature-rich applications, you can surely lookout to get a close customer experience score so that you are able to improve your services even better and can get a high number of happy customers each time. 


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