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7 Employee Motivational Mistakes Every Organization Should Avoid to Grow!


This blog speaks about the 7 things that can destroy the employee’s motivation. Let’s check it out them one by one.

1. Play Favouritism:

Every employee working in the company expects that every individual should be treated equally. If they find that their boss is playing the favoritism card, then the employees will no longer feel to share ideas with the team or with the boss. They will also stop showing the efficiency and they will not care about the company anymore. They will feel frustrated and they create frustration among the other employees. They will slowly start feeling detached towards their work and towards the company. All of this behavior of an employee can affect the environment of the company and in the end; the employee will lose their motivation.

2. Comparison:

Comparing one employee with another is one of the worst things to do. Nobody, literally nobody likes to get compared with someone else, which makes them feel that they are not good enough for their company. They feel low and start feeling worthless to the company. These things make the employee lose the motivation in the company. Many times, they start getting competitive with the other employees to get in the list of a better comparison, that they start doing ugly things and make the environment unhealthy for the other employee. Employees can also start feeling that the company is being unfair to them despite their hard work. The company needs to understand that every employee is different and they should be compared with each other.

3. Pointing Out The Negatives:

If the team leader or the boss starts pointing out only the negative points of the employees and ignore their positive points or the other efforts they make in their work, then the employee will start feeling unappreciated. They will think that their company doesn’t value them and they will not feel to do anything innovative for the company. They will start getting a mindset that if they will give any innovative ideas; boss may only take the negatives out instead of appreciating the innovation.

4. Keeping The Employees In The Dark :

Employees expect that their seniors or the leader will always share every detail about the company and the project they are working together. If the boss or the leader will not share everything and start hiding details with the employees, then the employees might feel that they are kept in the dark. The employee would start assuming and making up things in their mind. The employees would start gossiping and making alleged rumors. This can make the environment of the company very bad. It is very important to keep everything transparent with the employee because this way the environment of the company will stay healthy and good.

5. Inconstant:

Every company should be constant with their policies and work. The company should be sure that if they are assigning some work to their employees. The boss should not keep changing their work, position and their schedules. Constant change can make it hard for the employee to complete the work on time and they will also face difficulty in understanding their project. This behavior of the company can make the employee go cranky and they can lose their calm. The employee will get the impression that the company is careless and they start getting careless, thinking if the company doesn’t care then why they should care!

6. Talking behind Your Team Member’s Back :

Talking and gossiping about your employees behind their back is not a very healthy thing to do. Gossips and rumors can divide the company into groups. Sharing personal information among other employees without one's consent can create mistrust between the employees. It is possible that the employees will stop trusting each other and they may not even share details related to work. It is very important that even if you don’t feel good with somebody’s presence in your company try to be diplomatic with them instead of being rude or talking behind their back.

7. Blame Game and No Credit System :

Nothing can permanently go right. There are times when every company goes through ups and downs. It is very important to understand that when the company is going through bad phase, the boss should not blame it on employees; he/she should take it as a team failure including him/her. The boss should take care that when the company is getting into profit or getting praised by their clients. They should make sure that they should reward their employees with incentives and motivate them to work harder. They should also give credit to employees by praising their work. If the employee is not given any credits or any incentives, the employees will not feel motivated towards their work.

Concluding Remarks

These were some of the mistakes that should not be made by the team leaders or the boss of the companies if they want to earn their employees' loyalty. If these mistakes are made then loyalty is out of the question, instead, the employees will start resigning from the companies.


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