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Entrepreneur Kanthi Dutt Explains 5 Critical Skills Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Should Work to Develop


Many entrepreneurs believe that the most important factor that will determine their level of success with a startup relates to their overall experience and skills. However, every successful businessman should have developed a certain set of skills overall, that have helped them reach their goals.

It’s not only about what you do but it is also about how well you do it. If you possess the right knowledge and skills, the sky is the limit for success.

A Hyderabad based entrepreneur Kanthi Dutt started his journey in the teenage, is one of the successful young entrepreneurs from India who has made it big basis extensive hard work and exceptional entrepreneurial skills.

Having worked with various prominent companies till date, Kanthi has only got better and wiser as every year passed by. He has efficiently carved a niche for himself in the business world and was recognized for the same by various renowned platforms.

Kanthi is a proud owner and CEO of a branding solutions & entertainment company named Spartans Media and is a business strategy consultant who sheds light on the critical skills every aspiring entrepreneur should work to develop.

  • 361-degree RESEARCH

One degree beyond! Research is a very crucial skill that plays a vital role in planning, launch, and also the ongoing running of the business. To know about the market, your competitors will help the business grow. Research is both an art and science, as there are practical rules to follow but also instinctual elements for success.

  • Uninterrupted FOCUS

Focus helps you prioritize & maximize your productivity, without which it is next to impossible to accomplish any task. Learning about habits and the environment that maximizes your focus is important to attain this skill. It is a personality trait that can be developed and honed over time with efforts.


Communication is a very basic skill that applies to every sphere of work. Being good at this skill will help you build great relationships and also sell your idea to investors, partners, customers & employees. The public is often misguided by coaching institutes that claim to teach or train them in this skill. However, the only way to get better is by practice.

  • Interest to LEARN

Learning being one of the toughest skills is the king of the game! Being open to learning will help you acquire new information, additional skills. Mentors are a major source of learning for young entrepreneurs since they experienced the journey before. Attending networking events and public seminars will enhance your knowledge the most. Commit yourself to an undisturbed stream of learning, to ensure you build an empire!


Profitability is the key to the long-term benefit of the business. Earning more than your spending sets the groundwork for a successful journey. However, even profitable companies can fall victim to poor cash management that often leads to bankruptcy. This is a skill you can’t afford to learn too late. You’re responsible to cut unnecessary costs and ensure free cash flow to cover all your operating expenses. Watch carefully for due dates, follow up on invoices diligently to ensure timely cash inflow.


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