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An eye-opener. Your Blog will definitely fail if you are doing these things.

The success stories are catchy. Most of us get inspired but we mostly fail to understand the underlying message in that success story. The message from successful Bloggers is always that I worked hard when I started hence you should also work hard to reach the top.

Blinded by Marketing?

Do you know 9 out of 10 Blogs shut down every year?

The reason is simple. Budding Bloggers read the lavish lifestyle of successful Bloggers and get attracted by it.

You can find so many catchy stories on the internet. Successful bloggers are working from home earning millions. They tour the entire world without taking off from work. They work from Beach, from resorts and share the pictures which influence the budding Bloggers or even attract those people to the profession who do not know about it.

After reading these stories everyone starts dreaming of leading a similar life. However, what they do not notice is that it needs dedication, a lot of hard work and patience to become successful as a Blogger.

As a result, every 9 Blogs out of 10 shuts down in the very first year of its inception.

The success stories are catchy. Most of us get inspired but we mostly fail to understand the underlying message in that success story. The message from successful Bloggers is always that I worked hard when I started hence you should also work hard to reach the top.

Hence do not just fall for marketing try to dig deep and understand the real process.

What does this mean?

You must literally avoid professional Blogging if you do not have patience and you are not willing to work hard. The intent to learn and research is another very important part of Blogging. Generally, people get attracted to Blogging by reading some fancy stories on the internet.

Simple! The Blog was started as a dream and as soon as they bumped the reality they got de-moralised and shut it.

Passionate about Earning and not Blogging?

A correct state of mind and correct thinking is the biggest ammunition in one's armour. If you are continuously thinking to somehow start generating income from your Blog then you will definitely fail. Because in order to earn money fast you will lose patience. This will make you take steps which can harm your Blog.

In hurry, people try to generate a lot of backlinks or spend a lot of money on buying tools or courses which are of no use to them. These kinds of activities can lead you to frustration. Hence avoid taking short cuts.

Instead, you should focus on doing the right things. Get backlinks from authentic websites. Do not buy tools which you do not need or do not invest in courses which would give you no learning.

Do not directly jump but first research and understand how to earn money online in India or even abroad.

Just focus on doing things in the correct way. If you do not get results as expected then identify the root cause. Put a plan in place to resolve it. Keep on doing this till you achieve success.

Not creating Engaging Content?

Are you creating content incorrectly? Are you just copying and pasting? Or you are just writing for the sake of writing?

If you are not doing the above three things then great. However, there are still enough chances that your article is not up to the mark. Because until and unless you create a content which carries value for users or entertains them you won't be able to engage with them. And if your article is unable to engage your readers then your Blog will fail.

For example Amit Badhana a YouTuber does not create value for his readers but his videos are very entertaining. Viewers like this entertainment and watch his videos.

Another example is MOZ. Moz creates value for Bloggers. They provide various services which are useful for their end-users.

Hence if you are not creating compelling and engaging content then chances are thin that you will succeed.

Check the metrics to verify whether users are engaging with your content. You can check:-

  1. Average Time on Page
  2. Bounce Rate
  3. Subscribers

And if you are sending out emails to your subscribers track the email open rate and click-through rate.

If you find that engagement is less, then try to create more engaging content. Find out what viewers like.

Do you know video, images and infographics have more impact than any other way of content?

By 2021 around 82% of the traffic on the internet will be because of videos.

And there is another very important aspect. Around 80% of readers just skim through the content. Hence your content should give maximum input in minimum time.

Your Blog is just another Blog

Many Blogs fail because they are just a copy cat of other bigger and successful Blogs. Just think if a similar and much authoritative Blog already exists then why would anyone come to you. Hence you must always try to maintain a little uniqueness.


Not necessary that you take an entirely different approach. You can keep your tone a bit different or you can provide similar service but in a little different way.

To make it easier to understand just think about the Taj group and the Oyo hotels. Both the groups provide similar services however Oyo could achieve success because of the different approach they took to solve the problem.

So do not just exist like any other Blog try to make a difference.

Are you impatient?

Results take time to appear in Blogging. If you think that today you start a Blog and in another 3 months you will start earning then you are completely wrong.

Blogging takes its own time to give you fruitful results. Do not think that you will publish 3o articles in a month, do some marketing and backlinking and then you will start getting income.

No way!

People work hard for years to achieve success in this field. Yes, I agree that once the results start coming they are really very rewarding.

Do not get patient read, research, analyse, plan and then execute. You can also read about future business ideas in India in the year 2020 and take a call.

Hence be patient and work hard.