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Are you an entrepreneurial rockstar : Learn how to be one !

Young individuals have proved successful in diversified fields and entrepreneurship is no exception.They keep on exploring ways and means to thrive in this competitive world and still come out strong to achieve newer heights.

"Startups" and "entrepreneurs" are the buzz words these days.You can see a whole lot of budding entrepreneurs coming up with innovative business ideas.College pass outs,freshers or even experienced are loaded with new ideas of doing business and searching for ways to become successful in life.Young individuals have proved successful in diversified fields and entrepreneurship is no exception.

Everyday you hear startups raising huge rounds of funding,its likely to get enticed looking at the achievements of these young startup enthusiasts. What's so special and what's so different, ever wondered? The one factor common in all is the urge to move forward crossing the various hurdles coming their way and emerging out even more stronger.

All you need is the plan,the road map and the courage to press on to your destination. - Earl Nightingale

A short glimpse of my journey...nothing famous but really special for me.

Everyone has varied interests,for some a 9 to 6 job seems perfect like it used to be for me, a few months back. A busy day,a fixed salary,reporting to bosses,yearly incentives,annual promotions...all was set. Still,I wasn't happy. Something was missing,something I wished I had,that I could call my own personal asset.That was the time when I realised my passion for writing.And what better could it be than sharing my work with the world.

Hence,I started my own personal finance blog,the one I have build out of my passion and sheer hard work.When I started this new expedition,I realised that there were not many female Indian bloggers especially when it comes to the finance field.But,I wished to be one.

I still remember the initial days, the sleepless nights I used to have to write articles,and all this after a full day hectic office schedule.I could hardly get few hours to contribute towards my blogging journey during day time due to other work and personal commitments.

I won't call myself as a successful entrepreneur but yes, a learning and a growing entrepreneur.I don't know whether people consider "blogging" as entrepreneurship.But,for me it is ! This is my startup  where I enjoy putting in the best of my efforts,implementing innovative ideas and thinking to do something big.Throughout my blogging journey,each day I learn a new and interesting thing,a new adventure to get along with just like any startup enthusiast will do.

How to be an Entrepreneurial Rockstar ?

I am not one...But,yes I have seen and read about others getting added to the list of entrepreneurial rockstars :) Wish to be in the list one day...

I know,every now and then we keep on getting suggestions from others, but actually implementing them is a bit difficult.What I learned,the hits and the misses that I came across,I have expressed here.

1. Have Specific Goals & Learn to Prioritise them 

Having specific goals are the foundation of any business whether new or old.So,one should have clearly defined goals,a target,a destination where you want to see yourself and your startup after some time. This "some time" may be few months or few years as per your objectives. Once different goals are set,the primary ones need to be given more attention as compared to the secondary or not so important ones.

2. Set a Clear and Well defined Business Plan

A good business plan can make you sustain amidst competitors and further climb the ladder of success.Nothing complicated,just a simple but effective business plan,that's it ! A plan set to achieve practical targets is all that needs to be done.This is interlinked with your specific goals and the way you prioritise them.There should be some room for flexibility as and when required.

3. Manage your Time in the perfect way

Time management plays a pivotal role in helping a startup grow.If you can manage your time well,you can manage your business as well.Time is precious and if one can learn to manage it properly,you can make things easier for yourself.

4. Manage Your Finances Well

Now,comes the most crucial part of managing your finances being a startup.When you are a startup,you initially invest your own money.At this point,any unorganised or excess expenditure can leave you in financial debts. So,you need to be very careful while planning your finances until you start earning profits or get some funding to enhance your business.

5. Regularly Review what you have achieved

Reviewing your own work after short intervals is quite useful not only for your startup but for you too. How far or how closer you are to your goals ? Have you reached your break-even point ? Periodical reviews just act as a report card of your performance and activities.So,you surely need to analyse this and improve wherever you lag behind.

Remember,this is not "a one fit for all" situation.You anyways need to have some flexibility in your plans and adjust according to situation whenever and wherever required.

What matters is your interests.The sooner you realise your own interests,the closer you can get towards your goals and the happier you can become.Hobbies can turn into passion and further into an exciting startup.This proved right for me,it can be for you as well.You just need to be ready to face challenges,assemble things in the correct manner and move on wholeheartedly to get what you want.

"Hard work generally pays" if not high earnings initially,at least you get a personal satisfaction of enjoying what you do.If you enjoy what you do,you are going to build something different and achieve success.The monetary benefits shall automatically follow.

Steering your career in the right direction is not so easy in this competitive world where thousands of startups are emerging up with each passing day.However,if you have the zeal to take it forward and achieve something in life,you surely can.