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Rekindle the wanderer in you at these tourist places in Mumbai


Mumbai is known as the City of Dreams. Of course, this title is well justified. The city is filled with vibes which make it stand out from other metropolitan cities of the nation. Housing the most profitable film industry of the nation, this city symbolizes the diversity of culture of India. Mumbai is a city which is also a favorite among tourists across the nation as well as abroad. Some of the tourist destinations of this city carry the heritage of the nation, while others showcase the modern creativity. The city is also a paradise for shopaholics and foodies, which further increase the tourism business of the city. Some of the favorite Mumbai tourist spots are described below. 

RELISH THE HERITAGE OF INDIA AT THE GATEWAY OF INDIA: this is one of the most important landmarks of the city of dreams. The gate overlooking the harbor of Mumbai was built way back in the twentieth century in order to commemorate Queen Mary and King George V’s visit to the city. The edifice of this architecture holds hints of Muslim architecture. There are many other famous places to visit in Mumbai nearby this landmark, so if you are visiting Mumbai, this should be at the top of your bucket list!

GRAB PLENTY OF VITAMIN SEA AT JUHU BEACH: this is one of the most visited and favorite places in India both for tourists as well as for the residents of the city. The beach comes to life mainly during the evening time. Needless to say, the prime reason for this being the fact that the sunset looks breathtakingly beautiful from the beach. Snacking on Pav Bhaji and Bhel Puri while watching the sunset is not something you can afford to miss!


• WEAR THE SPARKLING QUEEN’S NECKLACE ON YOUR HEART: this 3km stretch linking Babulnath to Nariman Point, is a favorite among the locals and the tourists during the hours of dusk and night when the street lights illuminate to make the street look like a chain of pearls, making it look like a necklace. This is a place you must have seen in movies. You can be assured that it looks even prettier on the silver screen.

• COLABA CAUSEWAY MARKET: THE SHOPAHOLIC’S PARADISE: this is an age-old market in Mumbai. Starting from fashionable boutiques to cheap clothes and accessories, from buildings from the British era to the innumerable food stalls, this place has it all! Visiting this place is not only restricted to the shopaholics, anybody who wishes to come in touch with the local culture of the city will not miss the place.

So, if you are planning to visit Mumbai a city of dreams, these are the few spots you must not miss. The city has in numerous more things to offer than only the listed spots, so hit the city and create memories for a lifetime!