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Where people take up with other to buy or offer their goods

Presskr is India's driving on the web nearby arranged stage where individuals associate with other to purchase or offer merchandise and enterprises through their versatile and PCs and different gadgets too.

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Presskr is the India's top driving on the web classifieds stages for developing markets and is accessible in more than 56 urban areas. The site offers a free, quick and hyper-neighbourhood route for individuals to purchase, offer or trade utilized merchandise and enterprises basically by posting a free promotion. Consistently, many thousands of individuals around the India visit PRESSKR to discover and offer an extensive variety of items, from furniture, melodic instruments, autos and cruisers to gadgets, cell phones, property and neighbourhood administrations. The stage is especially prevalent in quickly developing, developing markets in India, where Presskr makes new wage open doors for dealers with constrained natural effect.

Md P Nazim cleared up why the site is so appealing and huge "Presskr is a business focus where buyers and vendors meet. Engaging customers to accomplish potential buyers with no cost… decreasing advancing expenses for close to nothing, medium and generous endeavors "Posting a notice takes not precisely a minute. So inside a minute you can associate with different buyers over the India as it's an attracting business focus with more than 1 million visitors reliably who are involved with buying/offering, unquestionably a limitless set to contact."

Presskr confined, C2C, online commercial centre permits clients to effortlessly purchase and offer merchandise and ventures, for example, hardware, furniture, family unit products, autos and bicycles. Versatile clients have energized a critical segment of Presskr development since its dispatch in April, especially in major developing markets like India, where portable appropriation keeps on swelling..

Purchase and Sell

The Buy and Sell classification demonstrates clients' promotions that include little, regular things frequently utilized at home, in the workplace, outside, or for individual utilize. 


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