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Be or not to be - Self branding

Sell yourself

What is self Branding?

In the corporate world, most of them would have heard about branding and visibility; often this is misleading and used in 9 out of 10 feedback sessions. Let me explain in simple terms, This is nothing but marketing, the difference is you are the product for the audience to rate. 

For example, If you get into roads during election times or open new papers or TV ads, you keep seeing the candidates and a huge amount of money is spent on this just to register them and their symbol. This is asked in a smaller way in corporate structure

Self-Branding - Why it is important?

Growth is important for everyone, be it a businessman or an employee or a worker... 

How do we achieve it?

a) Create unique way of getting the work done

b) Create a connection with your peers and team working for you who can listen and deliver it for you

c) Being a good listener 

d) Connect with your bosses 

e) Thinking ahead of the curve 

How to do Self Branding?

Branding can a double-edged sword, both positive and negative about you; your actions and intentions should drive in such a way that we pull the right plugs so that others are talking about you

a) Word of mouth is the key aspect, how this happens is to recognize your subordinates who cascade the message to his peers and other groups

b) Allow others to speak and be open minded

c) Sometimes subordinates do vet out their anger and frustration; don't take it to your heart and let it pass

d) Periodic flyers and emails to your bosses and leadership on achievements, success stories, comparitive view of facts to draw attention

e) Accepting and acknowledging failures on behalf of team

e) Doing all consistently is the key

Benefits of Self-Branding

Bosses and leadership will keep hearing about you, obviously on the positive side of it; Your name and work gets registered in their mind which helps to improve connects and get positioned in right way, you will be ahead of the race in the competitive landscape


Above all, you tend to get just 30 mins to 60 mins to talk about achievements to a leadership. While What, Why and How of self-branding brings you to this spot, the final penalty kick needs to be still done by you, 

a) Start recording your achievements on a regular basis so not to scramble for it in the last min

b) Start saving all recognition and appreciation in a folder for easier access

c) highlight your significant achievements that leadership can easily relate

e) Talk about the uniqueness and what value you bring to the table

f) Your readiness to next level of career growth


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