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Never seen before view of IIT-Kharagpur - from the air


IIT Kharagpur Student’s Alumni Cell shoots the first ever Aerial Video of IIT Kharagpur. And the end result is mesmerizing. Many even agreed that it was the best video they have ever seen in their Life.

Most of you would admire the technical knowledge of the students of Kharagpur that you can see in this video. Many would even say it’s only the result of the money of their taxes. If you ask me, I would say, only someone who loves KGP more than himself can do proper justice to this piece work. And now you would say, being a KGPian I gave a biased answer. YES! You are right. I would always be biased about KGP. YES! That much we love IIT Kharagpur. You won’t understand because most of you haven’t spent your life here.


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