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Five jobs you can do on the go!


The world we live in simply put is magnificent. The things to see natural or man-made, people to meet, cultures to experience and food to marvel at, the opportunities are endless. But sadly, travelling around the world requires money. And with accommodation, travel, food and other miscellaneous expenses put together, it can get taxing on the wallet. Plus travelling does also require time and commitment. And what does one do for money? Thats right, a job. Most full-time jobs do not leave one at the liberty of travelling extensively, and there is always the fear of breaking the bank due to travel expenses. This causes most people to hold back and refrain from exploring the world we live in. But with the advent of the new age, the opportunities for an individual have increased, and here are five jobs that one can do while travelling, that help make some money or just reduce expenses.


One of the best options is to freelance. From web development, graphic designing, editing, writing and even something as simple as data entry, the demand for freelancers is on the rise. Two to three hours of work every day could possibly pay for that one indulgence youve been avoiding.

Social media influencer.

It is the age of the internet! Having your own blog, Instagram account or even YouTube channel not only helps you have a creative way of documenting your travels. It also can come handy for fellow travellers looking for trips, and it attracts companies looking to advertise their products. Imagine getting paid to just live your life!

Working at events, hostels or as crew.

Several hostels let you have accommodation for free if you sign up to do some work for a few hours around the premises. Working as a part of a cabin crew on a cruise, yacht or even resorts will help you both have new experiences and also explore the surrounding locality quite thoroughly. Events around town might need staff that you can sign up for. But the one thing to keep in mind is that these can be time-consuming and might require commitments that cause you to miss out on some other activity going on.


While most volunteering stints do not pay you monetary compensation, they do offer you accommodation and sometimes even food. This is one way to cut back on costs, experience the culture by interacting with the locals, and their customs and also do some good for the world while you are at it.

Marketing your skill set.

One of the best options is to market your skill set. That could be offering to teach a skill that you know, whether it is surfing, diving or even skiing or offering to put the talents you have to good use- singing, bartending, making creative pieces and even teaching a language you know. Spreading the word around, thanks to the prowess of the internet is easy! And this way you get to both impart some knowledge and earn some money.