27 Changes To Be An Entrepreneur

    Towards realising dream of a job hopper.

    9th Jul 2018
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    A young boy in a small city of India called Belgaum was searching for his career building options after completing the graduation (Bachelor of Commerce). My name is Shripad Gopalkrishna Joshi, born in a poor and traditional Maharashtrian Brahmin Family. I am the only child to my parents. It obviously means no brothers and no sisters. 


    Started education in Kannada Medium in a Government Primary School No.9 near my house and changed to B. K Model High School from 5th standard. The word change has dominated my life since 5th standard itself. We had no money to manage my education. My father was just 10th standard pass and was doing typing work in court compound.

    My mother 4th standard pass from a village called Hire Vaddatti in Gadag District of Karnataka, a house wife. I have cried for only few things in my childhood and that too before coming to know that we are financially week. When I was in 5th standard my father became ill. He had developed epilepsy. This added further crisis. I cannot explain here that how myself and my mother have managed this situation. Used binded books using left out blank papers from old books, wrote in the margins of the paper to save papers and in small fonts to save the ink and many such things. It’s hard for me to write everything.

    While I was in 10th standard, due to unwanted situations, we had to sell our property which was in prime location of the city for throw away price. This money helped to ease the financial condition a bit. After 10th Standard simply followed an English Medium neighboring boy and joined in Science Stream. The thought behind following my friend was he will help in college to understand the lectures in English. 

    Hahh.. I was wrong. A stupid decision. In the final exams of 2nd year pre university course, there was a question in my physics paper to be answered about speed and force. "A tiger jumping on a man with ___ speed, weighing ___ kgs with a distance of ___ feet. The length of the gun which the man had was ___ meters. Calculate how many bullets he should he shoot to stop the Tiger?" "Oh my god!!!" Thought while reading this question. 

    "Will you calculate this when a tiger is jumping on you and life is at stake? What rubbish I am studying and answering? Rather I should study how to save tax? How to raise the income? How to communicate with people? Nonsense question for Nonsense people". These were the seeds of my real desire in terms of thoughts ploughed in my mind. A strong desire to have own business. Just managed to clear the 12th Standard and changed stream from Science to Commerce. In commerce stream was topper in Economics during 2nd year and overall the result was nice.

    During my graduation, the financial condition of the family was continuously deteriorating. After graduation, my desire to learn further was very strong. I was very much interested to go for MBA. But it was very much expensive at that time (2000-01) for me. I enquired with only MBA College of my city at that time. Institute of Management and Education Research (IMER).One of my distinct relatives was working there as office superintendent told me the total expense to pursue will be around one and a half lakhs.

    "If so, then rather wasting this much money, why not to start own business and invest there? I can earn much more". This thought poured water to the sowed seed in the mind. But at the same time, the intuition to study was strong. So, I joined the Chartered Accountancy Course with my other friend. This time, it was a well-thought decision. Not like the earlier one. To support the financial condition of the family, I joined as an article with a Chartered Accountant who pays a monthly stipend. 

    But, things could not carry as per my thoughts. Back pain started developing here. After studying for 8 months, I had to surrender myself to my family needs. Hence had to change the direction and joined a job as a salesman to sell water purifiers. Salary was Rs.1500+TA+DA. After joining the job, I was continuously discussing for a business with many people. Sometimes cyber cafe, sometimes a hardware shop, sometimes a stationary shop. Mind was full of 3 things, business, business, and business.

    Bought a second hand Luna for Rs.4000 to roam around for a job. This added to my existing back pain. To fulfill the strong aspiration and desire to study MBA Started giving entrance exams of Indira Gandhi National Open University(IGNOU)

    The first attempt could not clear. Meanwhile, amidst unbearable back pain, changed the job from selling water purifiers to Medical Representative. I thought it would be my last job in life and will be in business soon. It happened within 3 months. I decided to quit the job and start a business,

    “Shriyog Enterprises”. Engaged in selling computer stationary like floppy drives, CD drives, printing papers, cartridge refilling etc. without any investments. It was a bold step but was in an immature state of mind. I invited one of my friends to be a partner. He never joined. But later, 6 other friends came in as partners!!! Goodness!!! 

    Nothing happened except discussions. All of them withdrew!!! But I continued. I worked hard met few people introduced them about my business. This was the era of no email ids and no mobile phones. My cousin had a land line in his house. So, that was the medium of contact. I could generate only a few hundred rupees in 4 months. 

    Again, changed from businessman to job holder to another company in the pharma industry again, but on a commission basis. Commission base was because of the pressure and harassment in my previous jobs. In this period, cleared my OPENMAT, for IGNOU and took the admission and started the studying. This continued for 3 years. But, the commission earnings were not sufficient to maintain the family. Despite this situation bought a Telephone (Landline) at my home. The number was 08315200921. Now, “this number does not exist”. It was an achievement for my father. But due to back pain, I never slept the whole night.

    My father's health started deteriorating further. My parents decided to find a girl for my marriage. My age was 25 years. In a house of two rooms, and outside common toilet (for 5 houses) I was supposed to get married and celebrate the first night!!! My god!!! My house and income were not so big enough to accommodate my wife. 

    So, with the help of my MBA classmate changed my commission job to a salaried job at ICFAI University’s Belgaum Branch as a Branch Executive to sell their distance education programs. My salary was fixed at Rs.5000 per month plus allowances and other benefits. 

    Total in hand was around Rs.6500. Got the star achiever award from the company. Meanwhile was hunting for a flat. That time (2005) they were available for Rs.3 to 4 lakhs. But, could not manage the bank loan. Anyways, bought a colour TV at home. Prior to this, we had a portable black and white TV.

    As I was facing difficulty to acquire a new house, decided to take the neighboring home on a lease. After a lot of debate and persuasions with my father changed the existing two rooms own house to new three room leased house. Now at this time, I consulted an orthopedician for my back pain and he said that it’s because of my lifestyle and nothing to worry much. He told me to do regular exercises and take pain killer whenever the pain is unbearable.

    But I never treated my back pain seriously, so that I can be awake to take care of my father at night. While working with ICFAI I was thinking to settle down for without any curves in life. Hunt for bride was on at home, and meanwhile with the mindset of settling down, changed my job from education to engineering industry in a local company. After joining here, my back pain was still pinching me all night and was making my days also miserable. One of the paramedical people told me to change the vehicle. So, I bought a brand new vehicle Hero Honda Passion Plus by availing a vehicle loan from a cooperative bank.

    Finally, my marriage was fixed. Despite unwillingness, had to agree to a girl who was a teacher in a Government School. My family members, relatives, neighbors and my father's health conditions influenced me to take this decision. I agreed unwillingly. The engagement was over in a temple near my house. It was just an adjustment. 

    After few days when marriage was nearing, came to know that my fiancee was into an affair with one of her relative and before 3 days of marriage she went to her boyfriend. This time she changed as a disturbed man. This incident, the expenses for marriage under present financial burden and issues like defamation, people’s attitude towards me and other similar things really curbed me mentally and physically a lot. Under these circumstances, I decided to change my job. 

    It was the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi; I resigned and lifted the Ganesha idol for the first time in my hand with a drop of a tear falling on the idol. Because of my father's health, god had decided to change the hands to handle him. The back pain was at its peak. It was more than expected. So, started taking pain killers. After a few days, even the highest painkillers like Etoricoxib failed to give relief.

    After the festival, I joined ICICI Prudential as Unit Manager to sell Life Insurance. The package which was offered to me was Rs.1, 75,000 per year. This implied a monthly salary of Rs.11k+ and additionally performance incentives. During the training period with this company in Bangalore, I went through a situation where I was unable to even walk properly because of existing back pain. 

    While working with ICICI I bought lots of house hold things which were not present in my house like furniture, kitchen items, bed etc. Started with savings also. The life was with full confidence and happiness. I performed very well. This job and company changed my outlook towards my career and life. Thanks to ICICI Prudential. This company manifested a disturbed person into a confident person. Here, a girl who is my loving wife Anjana came into my life. This time I was firm on marriage, a crucial decision and it will be purely mine. 

    For the first time this much hard decision. In the month of June 2008, I got engaged with Anjana. Later my father was really struggling to maintain his health and passed away in the month of September 2008. It was just 2 months before my marriage. After swallowing a bitter bite, got married to Anjana on 20th November 2008. It’s a pure arranged marriage. She was Master of Science in Mathematics and was working as a lecturer in Oxford Engineering College, Bangalore. 

    Present day she is Master of Philosophy and pursuing her Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics and Working as Asst. Professor in Gogte Institute of Technology (G.I.T), top most engineering college of North Karnataka. Now I would say, my destiny changed my life partner and me.

    After a few months of marriage, a mixture of good and bad days started. The condition of the stock market and a crook in my adviser’s team at workplace started troubling me a lot. Really it was very difficult to manage both. Broadly, it was the beginning of the fall of the insurance industry in India. Under these circumstances, there was a change in my personal life. 

    To manage the situation at my work place, I had to give handsome money to the crook out of my pocket and changed my job and industry. I joined a tourism company. 3 people were reporting to me. Again, the back pain was really horrible. A new job brought a promotion as Branch Manager in professional life. I was promoted in personal life also. On November 9th 2009, as Father. A proud father of a baby girl NIDHI who appeared in the name of my business. My back pain, which was continuously creeping up since 2001, was finally diagnosed as a disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis. Here, first the spinal cord joints get inflamated and later grow and merge with each other, which creates stiffness of the spine and produces huge pain. The hard thing is that there is no cure for this disease. This was diagnosed by my brother in Law who was studying DM Nephrology in KEM Mumbai. I was told by him to not to worry, keep moving, be on pain killers only when it is required. That's it. Amidst this condition, got an opportunity to change the job and an MNC in tourism industry as a Store Manager. and changed my leased house of 3 rooms to another house with 5 rooms which was on a parallel road on rental basis owned by one of our family friend. I launched this company in my city. But few conditions made me to resign within 3 months.

    Now, I was jobless. No income. Completely dependent on my wife's salary and cursing my fate. But one of my old friend called me and told me to help him in his job. During my MBA course, he was stationed at Dharwad and had passed through a bad patch of life. I was a regular visitor to his room during weekends. We were discussing about bad patches in each other’s life and were very much supportive to each other to manage these patches. We both were interested in starting a business, but were never able to make it. Our discussions always started with business idea and ended with business idea. Now, he was working for Eicher Motors and was based at Hubli. He wanted me to do some marketing activities for his company. Yes... This was the base for my present business. He only created the firm in the name of my daughter Nidhi as Nidhi Consultancy Services and registered it with his company as an independent Marketing Agency. It was in the month of April 2011. Officially launched Nidhi Consultancy Services  as Marketing Agency. The email id was nidhiconsultancy.bgm@gmail.com and mobile number 98866757057. Now, I don’t use this number. The investment was Rs.35. I bought a cash book to maintain the records. This time it was well thought decision.

    The first project handled was Market Mapping for School Buses for Belgaum District and folowed by Vehicle Demo, Loan Exchange Mela etc. Later added one more work to market for CC TV cameras. The business continued for few months and I was working hard to add few more clients. During this period on the 3rd birthday of my daughter Nidhi, I was allotted a flat by Karnataka Hosing Board(KHB) in Tilakwadi for which I had applied 2 years back. Now the real fight started. Again, the loan was denied because of my income and income from my wife's salary was not sufficient to avail required loan. Hence, by keeping all aside, I again changed my mind from business to a job. The job hunt started. This time the task was tough. In the month of February 2012 got the job from one of the leading engineering software teaching company for their subsidiary which was into training of Fashion Designing, Interior Designing and Animation as a Manager- Partner Support. With the help of this salary slip, I managed to get home loan from City Union Bank and purchased it. After the opening ceremony of the flat, the back pain was on higher side. Now I consulted an orthopedician who was a faculty at Government Medical College. After seeing my M.R.I report, he insisted a blood test for further investigation. It took 15 days to get the report. Meanwhile, I was called to Chennai for a meeting on my birthday. On the same day, I got call from my wife, saying reports have come and I am HLA B27 positive. A gene, which is responsible for auto immune disease like Ankylosing Spondylitis. I was put on two tablets of Sulfasalazine a day.

    After doing few activities in Chennai, I was transferred to Kerala. Despite of requesting so many times on the basis of culture, language, food habits, behavior etc my boss denied my request and I was forced to migrate to Kerala. With no other option I shifted to Kerala and it was hell. Being a vegetarian, my kind of food was not at all available. What available were meat shops and beef shops. Very few people could understand Hindi and English. Under these conditions, there were 23 people reporting me. Branch heads, marketing executives and counselors. I was supposed to do marketing activities there to support my company’s franchisees. It was an utter nonsense. Above all my salary was not increased. After paying, EMI for home loan, I was not left with enough money. So, I had to quit my breakfast. Totally different kind of vegetarian food was available. For me it was horrible. I had to manage with a type of dosa called roast. One for lunch and one for dinner. That's all. I suffered with malaria also. The bill for credit card was unpaid for many days, hence I was choosing for EMI to pay the bill of Rs.30000. But one of the franchisee helped me and he paid the entire money and never asked it back. Kind people are available everywhere only in different forms.

    I was based at Thrissure and was covering, Calicut, Perinthalmanna and Palakkad. One day my boss called me and told that the female counselors in the branches are complaining against me for sexual harassment. It was a big blow and torture to hear that. Third class! All these things were depicted to me as if I am the culprit and ended with a statement to take care of my behavior as I too have wife and a daughter. Can you imagine? How cheap these people behave? Such lunatic people work as country head and get promoted as Vice President too. I told all these things to my wife on Skype and she told me to resign and come back if such allegations continue. Finally after having 4 months of hell living there, I resigned and came back home in the month of December. My boss was very happy for having taken my resignation. In fact, this was his plan. So, I changed my place and job again. I changed my home loan from City Union Bank to LIC Housing Finance.

    Again job hunt started and in February 2013, got the job in Samruddha Jeevan Multi State Multi Purpose Cooperative Society. But for my fate, immediately after joining, the company had to face legal complications and a big nationwide issue started. Again, I had to change my job. I joined India Infoline as branch manager and after one month of joining, even the branch of that company was closed and again I had to see for new job.

    I had been to Poona for the engagement ceremony of my niece. My cousin brother Sharad Joshi helped me to buy a second had Maruti 800 a 4 wheeler. He only paid the amount and told me to repay it later at my ease. So, now I was a car owner. Thanks to my brother.

    The job hunt continued. This time it was still tougher. My resume was questioned. I was tagged as job hopper. Finally with lots of unwillingness; in the month of November 2013, I had to join back the diminishing Insurance Industry as Sales Manager with another Life Insurance company. I could survive here for around one and half years under unbearable pressure from my new boss, who was of good attitude when I joined and turned to be a crook after few months and became a worst person when he was promoted as Area Manager.

    While working with this company, I was fed up of job hunting, resignations and sufferings. Finally I decided to change my job life to again a life as a businessman. I resigned my job in the month of May 2015 and decided to carry on Nidhi Consultancy Services on full time basis and no job henceforth. Started to meet people, printed visiting cards. Designed emails and started campaigning my business through emails, informed people around me. Meanwhile, before resignation, in the month of February, I requested Sharad Joshi to appear for AMFI exam, so that mutual funds can also be added in product basket. He cleared the exams and invested a big amount to support me. Now, Nidhi Consultancy Services had 3 Products in the basket 1. Marketing Solutions,  2.Life Insurance 3.Mutual Funds.  So, Nidhi Consultancy Services was all set to launch. The launch pad was getting ready. But god had some other plans.

    My office was the outermost room of my house. I went to Banaglore, took few details from just dial about the people who are in similar industries. I requested them to outsource the projects to me. A person from Banaglore contacted and told me to get the market mapping done for Eicher Motors. See the bonding, the same company, though not directly but at the beginning only.

    Through a reference met a well-known homeopath of the city. The doctor had started a business to manufacture herbal products. I was told to get some research done for these products in Goa. I agreed. I started finding people who can do it for me in Goa. So, decided to move to Goa and start the work. On 20th August 2015, left to Goa. Stayed in my friend's room at Ponda. Met the representatives company there and discussed few things. Next day, went with a company representative to meet distributor of the company. Started collecting all the required data from market and was quite successful in it.

    It was dinner time at Ponda in my friend’s room and we were coming out for it. After a drizzle, amidst slippery steps of the staircase, started to move down. Took the spectacles off the face to clean it. Suddenly, slipped from the staircase and fell down. Yes! Fell down from hardly 5 steps. Here the real curse started. What these 5 steps of staircase did to me was horrible.

    After slipping down, the pain in back was heavy. Something like a big hammer hitting a nail whose pointed side was touching a solid rock. I was screaming out of pain. My friend was asking me to get up. He was right also as the fall was very small for a person whose height is 6 feet 1 inch. Somewhere I had read that if you are hurt on your back, you should lay down and should not get up immediately. I followed this and managed to sleep there only for some time. Later, with lots of struggle, managed to get up and climbed back to room. I asked my friend to bring a pain killer spray, a pain killer tablet and rice for me as dinner as I was not in a position to come out. He brought all those and went out for his dinner. After some time, the pain was quite bearable.

    Whole night I was suffering in bed. I was thinking of spinal cord injury, but when pain reduced, I assumed it as some muscle injury and not related spinal cord. Next day morning woke up and started to Belgaum by the first available bus. I reached my home at 1.30 in the noon. It took 5 hours for me to reach my house on a bumpy road. In the evening with my wife, met orthopedician and an X - Ray was taken. After looking at the film, the doctor advised me to get the M.R.I done urgently. Meanwhile, I was advised to be asleep completely and not to get up for anything. We both ran to K.L.E's Hospital for M.R.I. unfortunately, the machine stopped working properly at my turn and I was asked to come tomorrow. Next day, I went with my nephew. Again, the machine was not operating properly. We went other hospital for the same. There also, the machine was not working properly. After this embarrassing situation, I stopped for the day and next day went to another diagnostic centre and finally, M.R.I was completed.

    My wife went to doctor to show the M.R.I report and I was sleeping at home. After the examination of both X-Ray and M.R.I, it was clear that I had met with a spinal cord Injury. Doctor sent a message through my wife to call him. Over the phone, doctor told me to get it operated and I need to go to either Bangalore or Mumbai. The expenses could be around Rs.5 lakhs. It was a biggest shock. When I asked about the other options, he told to take absolute bed rest for one month. Everything in bed and report him if there is any numbness in my legs.

    All my family members gathered and we unanimously took the decision to go for bed rest option than to get operated. It was very difficult for me to manage the required amount. Also, I felt the operation to be risky. This incident again changed the direction of my life. A working man to a bed ridden man. Now, the big question was who will take care of me for my basic activities?

    Not the actual photo. But an Indicative during injury time.

    Not the actual photo. But an Indicative during injury time.

    My wife, a working lady, and already pressurised? My mother, a 67 year old lady? My daughter who was of 5 years? Impossible. Ultimately I had to appoint a male nurse for Rs.150 per day for one month. His duty was to give me bed pan, urine pot and clean my body. I prepared my mind and took a strong decision to get up from bed prior to Ganesha Festival.

    After a month, 2 days before the festival, I was told to get up, but only for basic needs with belt on my back. This was for 3 weeks. After 3 weeks, next 2 weeks were to sleep for 15 to 20 minutes after getting up for one hour with belt on my back. Further 2 weeks, doctor told me to join back the work with belt on my back, but need to take rest after every 2 hours for 10 to 15 minutes and no two wheeler riding. These words from doctor to join back the duty, made me bit happy. Thought, this would help me in re-boosting my business.

    So, took the car out, fueled it with credit card as had spent lots of money for treatment, maintenance and towards EMI of my home loan. During the injury and unemployed period, by paying EMIs my all savings were drained out. My routine started to visit a company, introduce myself and business, handle the objections and move ahead. After 2 hours, park vehicle in the shade, open the back seat door, take rest for 15 minutes on back seat and move ahead again. This continued for 15 days and credit card bill once again was creeping up. This did not work out. Hence, decided to change the style and time.

    I stopped all my activities and decided to wait for some time. During the latest visit to the doctor, I was told to start normal life as I have completely recovered. At this point my orthopedician disclosed me everything. He told me that I had a compression fracture at L-1 in my spine and I was about to lose my below waist part permanently. Hence, all these cares were taken to protect me. It was the real shock. So, after all these incidents and shocks, some more shocks were in store.

    It was 1st January 2016, I re-launched, Nidhi Consultancy Services It is now the true beginning. After all these incidents, as I was a TiE member, I wrote a Happy New Year mail to all the members of Hubli Chapter. Immediately next day got a reply from one of the member from Bellary asking me to do Market Research for packaged coconut water in 5 cities and across 5 variants. A welcome project after great injury. This time managed the man power with the help of IMER. These people welcomed me and my concept. In the month of March 2016 received a letter from LIC Housing Finance for having not paid the EMIs for 3 months. The notice stated to pay the dues immediately, else my flat will be auctioned and the amount will be recovered. It was the next shock after injury. I managed to pay all the dues by using a little savings done by my wife to buy a two wheeler for her. Till now, whatever a drop of honey and piece of penny was saved by both of us had gone. Our family was with empty hands and empty bank accounts. Even the minimum balance was not maintained. What kind of days god shows? Oh god. You don’t have any mercy on me and my family? Still the shock list is not over.

    To increase the business, the necessity of a website was felt. So, booked a web address, again through credit card. To save the money of building website, I, myself started to build the site by using templates provided by the domain name provider. It took 15 whole nights to design and publish the website. The web address is www.nidhiconsultancyservices.in . I proudly, say that it is designed and published by me alone without any technical knowledge. Along with proud moment, this act gave a shock also. My right eye had become red and was continuously watering. I had no money to consult the ophthalmologist. So, met with one of the GP and he wrongly diagnosed it as an infection. To save my eye, went to KLE’s Hospital’s charity division and consulted an ophthalmologist. The name of the doctor was Dr. Shivanand Bubanale. After the examination it was confirmed as “Entric Uveitis or Iritis”. An inflammatory condition of the iris in the eye. Now, this has occurred because of HLA B27 present in my body and it is recurrent. If neglected, I may lose my vision permanently. Till today, there is no medicine which can prevent this from recurring. The only thing which can be done is to treat with steroids whenever the inflammation emerges in the eye. This is one more shock.

    What if I turn blind? Who will take care of my family? The focus of thinking from business changed to this point. But the ophthalmologist told me to not worry he will help me in monitoring and would strive to prevent me from becoming completely blind. At the most I may not be able to see TV, operate computer and drive vehicle. That too after long time. Till today, since April 2016, I have suffered 4 episodes of this “Entric Uveitis or Iritis”. I did lots of research on internet and in many websites no starch diet was mentioned to slow down the progress and reduce the effects of HLA B27.

    This changed my food habits. Now, I have stopped eating flour and potato. My food is without these two. I am on regular exercise to maintain my health. The ophthalmologist is not charging anything for me for consultation. Big thanks to him. He proved himself as visible god. A rare and real ethical practice among unethical medical practices these days. Due to regular exercise and diet, now I am on single tablet of Sulfasalazine a day.

    After feeling irritated to call the clients at home, on my request, through the convener of the TiE Belgaum, I was allotted an office space in incubation centre of G.I.T. Thanks to him. Else, it was becoming bit difficult to work from home. Now, the G.I.T MBA is very cooperative. On 10th November 2017, I lost my favoring hand, my cousin brother, Sharad Joshi. I lost him at my critical stage of life. No words to explain. A big loss. That's it.

    Present day, I am working from incubation centre, my client size has increased, and I have handled several projects. Nidhi Consultancy Services is still maintaining all the 3 products. After death of my cousin brother, I have got the certificate as Mutual Fund Distributor from AMFI. I have my own small team. Few people are working with me. My 90% clients are satisfied. Obviously, you can not satisfy all 100% in service industry. Now I am doing, marketing events, marketing activities, branding, digital marketing and all other or anything which is related to marketing. I had to increase the product basket to survive.

    I have written my story in short. Still there are many things to be brought in about me. These 27 changes in my 39 years of life changed me from a week decision making person to a tough business man or an entrepreneur. For me after all these changes, life has now become stable. Past two years into business, I am in a much better condition now. Home loan EMIs though not in time, But have become comparatively regular. Sometimes becomes difficult to pay on monthly basis, but still in better shape than earlier. My credit card bill is getting managed. Yet, I am very much happy because I am doing what I was intending to do. I am on the path of which once I had dreamt. I am now an entrepreneur and heading towards success. I have never stopped with difficulties. They come and go. Every difficult situation make us stronger and teaches a lesson. Never ever give up and never surrender to bad things and ill situations.

    My vision is to provide satisfactory and supportive marketing solutions to all my clients. I want to see my firm growing at a level where in I can have branch offices in each of bigger cities. I should be able to provide livelihood for many people. The days are very near. I will be a successful entrepreneur in near future. I have a strong desire to do something to all those young people who fail to explore their career because of family problems.

    Since child hood, I was very much interested in acting. I have won lots of prizes during school days. Being a lonely child to my parents and due to health conditions of my father never had chance to try my interests and move out of my small city and attempt for a brighter career with numerous opportunities. I had to sacrify my career for the sake my parents. My struggle in my past life has always taught me to keep moving and to achieve. I believe, discipline, commitment and patience are 3 keys to success. When an arrow in the bow is pulled back strongly, it is sure that it will reach far and fast. The only condition is to stick to the bow and that's the commitment. Hold on till the arrow is shot, that's the patience. Never fumble, be straight and sharp, that's discipline. 

    Never Complain. But achieve and prove yourself

    Never Complain. But achieve and prove yourself

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